Monday, August 4, 2014

2014 Week 31: Storms, Birthdays, Moves, Visitors and More

After one of the storms we found this tree snapped in two and glad that it did not fall across our driveway. Apparently it had been damaged. (Perhaps the huge water tankers when we had the house fire?)

Monday evening we took our young friend Trisha to Stephan's meal for a last time. 
She moved to another town this week. 

Enjoying Nova the kitten

Birthdays are great opportunities for family get-togethers, in fact three different ones this week!

July 29th we have two family birthdays--my mother's and grandson Skye's.

Mike and I joined brother Alan and niece Tina and their families for Sunday dinner at Grace Village to celebrate Mother's 93rd birthday! 
I stuck a candle in her Boston cream pie and we sang to her. 
Mike got this shot of her reaction. It has gotten over 50 Likes and numerous Comments on Facebook.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Mother. . .

Then on the very day, Tuesday, we were invited to Leah's for Skye's 17th.

Wednesday, before taking a truck load to Trisha's new place, we stopped for lunch at the Lions' Club where they have a weekly meal and a program for seniors. We were glad we did. Our doctors' children provided the delightful musical entertainment.

Thursday, another truck load to Trisha's and then an outing with this handsome man!

Friday, I finished one big cleaning project.

 Dear friends from our years overseas stopped by in the afternoon. Fred was the best man at our wedding.

Technology rules our lives now and selfies are fun!

Saturday I helped Karen finish cleaning another level of the old house. I almost took another selfie while halfway inside her fridge. Instead I said goodbye to the Broadway house by taking a picture of a couple of the pretty flowers that abound in the front yard.


The last birthday celebration was here Sunday for Karen's 39th coming up Tuesday, August 5th--
family and friends, tacos, ice cream cake, a piƱata out by the picnic area, and loads of fun!

The next BIRTH day coming up soon!

Stay tuned!

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The Bug said...

Love the selfie! And the flowers at the Broadway house. Happy birthday to everyone!