Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Week 30: Summer Days

As I write it is raining and the sun is shining through the trees.
It is definitely summer, although we haven't felt the heat as much as other years.
I may have heard that it will go down as the coolest July on record. True? Not sure.
However, when we walk out our front door we are confronted by a canopy of green.

The wildflowers abound.

Mike got back into experimenting in the kitchen again, i.e. cooking, always trying something new. 
So he must be feeling somewhat better.

First artisan bread and usual delicious breakfast veggie omelet

Sam's family accompanied him on his work trip out east (surveying Taco Bell restaurants).
I am borrowing some of their travel photos posted on Facebook.

Can you guess one of the places they visited?

Sculptor-son Stephan, and fellow artists, spent a few days at the Ohio State Fair playing with sand creating art out of sand.

I had several necessary appointments and errands. On one of those I showed Diane how to use her iPad for "face time". 
We experimented a little with the camera feature as well.

Saturday I spent a few hours with DIL Karen helping to clean the Broadway house. 
A lot more work ahead to get it ready to sell.
We also went to their new home, Dove's Crossing, and I met the new member of the household.


How is your summer going? I'd love to hear from you!


sara said...

is that artisan bread the recipe I shared with Mike? how did it turn out?

The Bug said...

Love your canopy & your flowers - beautiful! That breakfast looks yummy!

rita said...

Yes, Sara, the same, but he needs to improve the process for a less dense result.