Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 Week 27: Family Fun at DC

Have I shared Stephan and Karen's good news yet?
They finally found the perfect property that meets all their needs, wants and more.
The Monday-Night-Meal crowd enjoyed it for the first time this week for hot dogs and brats.
There is a verb in Spanish that we do not have in English: estrenar, to use/wear/ experience for the first time.
El estreno, this first-time event, proved the truth of its new name: Dove's Crossing (dove, symbol of peace; crossing, signifying the intersection of many paths). Stephan and Karen's desire is to show hospitality!

DC, for short, came with LOTS of work as well. The house sat empty for several years and has problems.
Michael put in many hours on the plumbing.

Malachi helping grandpa
The evening ended with sparklers for the young'uns.

Tuesday we were invited to attend the Marion Rotary Club meeting where Stephan was the guest speaker.
It was a very interesting and inspirational talk.

Later that afternoon, three grandboys were dropped off to spend the night so Sam and Kristie could get away to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.
The bedtime story Zion insists on reading is the only Curious George book we have. This is the third or fourth time. I think I will look into getting more Curious George stories.

Breakfast entertainment
11:00 a.m., Daddy came, it's time to go home.

I had a ladies lunch to attend. Afterwards some of us stopped by one of the homes to enjoy the many flowers and garden.

No photos, so an update and an anecdote instead.
Remember the car Mike worked on so long before our trip? Here's the rest of the story:
The day after our return, he went back to work on the beast and found a note from Matt (grandson-in-law), explaining what was wrong and what to do, according to his research. Sure enough it worked!

Later Kayla shared a little story her mother-in-law had told her. When Matt was only three years old he took a bunk bed apart and then told her how to put it back together!

Friday, Independence Day
We decided to have a family camp-out at DC. So we packed up and left mid afternoon (after Mike had already cycled 103 miles!).

Fun moments with Aunt Karen

The sunset bursts through the woods
The night ended with Jimmy's special fireworks display, or 'rocket show' as the little ones called it.

The sun woke us up and we enjoyed just 'hanging out' together all morning.

The dogs make Jude laugh.
 Of course, the work was also ongoing, but more enjoyable when tackled together.

Drain issues
Zion's genius was revealed when he attached the wagon to the tricycle to pull his little brother around.

Meanwhile, Elijah spent most of the time racing around the acreage on his motocross (?).

Thoughtful grandpa Mike provided the makings for strawberry shortcakes before everyone left.

Around noon we went to Stephan's Yorktown home to watch the Argentina vs Belgium soccer game. I/we were excited about the outcome! Now, let's see what happens Wednesday against Netherlands. Michael hopes he is alert enough by 4:00 p.m. (after his 9:00 a.m. surgery) in order to watch the game.


sara said...

I love that y'all had a camp out on Stephan and Karen's new property!!! So fun!

The Bug said...

That black dog looks like a sheep! Ha! Glad Mike got the car working. LOVE the giant backpack on the little dude :) And lastly, lovely garden pics!