Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Week 23: Catching up

My last weekly post was dated June 1st. Now the entire month is gone. Half the year 2014 is over.
Most of June we lived out of a suitcase. Some of you may have followed our adventures.
This post will fill in the blanks leading up to Circle Tour 2014.

Week 23 was taken up preparing to leave our home and vehicles in readiness for the family members who stayed here. Mike spent hours and days working on the Grand Prix. He had to replace the head gaskets.


 Alas, after all that, the car would not run right. He worked on it almost till the last minute. No luck.

Meanwhile, I was steadily putting together blog posts for each day of our Circle Tour that were scheduled to publish at midnight so readers could have an idea of where we'd be and what we might be doing that day.
This review of our previous trips to the Basque Country served to prepare me and also led me to contact several friends and try to arrange meeting them while in their area.

Thursday afternoon I picked up my brother Aldo who flew in from Denver and drove him from Indianapolis to Mother's place in Winona Lake.
We had a wonderful time catching up on our now numerous offspring and sharing memories from childhood or the many years we've lived far from one another. I cannot remember a time when I had such a one-on-one conversation with number three of the five Hoyt siblings.

Mother & Aldo
 The last day was packed full. Yes, some of that was actual packing. I had been setting aside items for some time, but never feel very confident about my choices. What will the weather be like? Will I have enough of this or that? Have I forgotten anything?

Saturday, 9:00 a.m., no more time to ponder.

Selfie to announce on Facebook that we're on our way 

Flying into New York
Waiting to cross the ocean
In the Madrid airport

What awaits us in the days ahead? [If you followed my blog, you already know.]

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The Bug said...

I confess that my life was so busy while you were gone that I haven't read those posts yet - but I hope to get back to them. Glad you guys are home safe & sound (I'm assuming sound - ha!).