Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 Week 29: Convalescing and Celebrating

Mike continues to improve a little each day: taking longer walks; sleeping  better at night and less during the day; adding a couple outings and a few tasks. Wednesday was his first follow-up visit with the surgeon.

But, wouldn't ya know, this is the week the dishwasher decided to quite working.
Jimmy spent a couple hours one evening taking it out and apart.

Thursday was a big day--Kayla's baby shower in the evening!

I spent the day getting the house ready.
In the afternoon the decorators arrived with loads of wild flowers that were arranged in a dozen jars.
I am still enjoying the rearranged bouquets as I eliminate fading blooms each day.

Kristie brought the food including this charming fruit salad.

Photo courtesy of Tina Herschberger
 Then the people began arriving with their gifts and filled our house with love and laughter.

Niece Tina came the furthest with her little Simon, who is wondering who I am.

Photo courtesy of Tina Herschberger
Kayla was thrilled with all the wonderful gifts.

Among the many, a lovely quilt made by the soon-to-be great aunt Kristie.

Some givers were very creative in how they presented their gifts--a basket made of and filled with goodies for baby care . . .

. . . a bouquet of ballerina-themed baby clothes!

Photo courtesy of Tina Herschberger

We were privileged to have Tina and Simon stay overnight. By Friday Simon was getting used to me.

Mike was well enough to ride along and enjoy another fun time Saturday, a Circle Tour team reunion--great people, good food, lots of fun!

BTW, I think the girls won the volleyball tourney! ;-)


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Sounds like a (mostly) good week! Love the photo of Kayla with the bouquet - just such a sweet picture. Before you know it, Mike will be out there playing volleyball :) Praying for continued healing.

The Bug said...

Love the pictures of Simon - Kim is falling down on the job of posting them for us :) And that one of Kayla & the bouquet is so fun!