Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 Week 28: The Big Day--9 de julio

July 9th became even more significant.
41 years ago we brought home a five-month old baby girl to join our family.
Argentina declared its independence on that day in 1816.
And this year beat Netherlands in the World Cup semi finals.
On the same day Mike had major surgery. Dr. Sundaram, with the assistance of da Vinci's robotic arms, was able to remove the cancerous gland. We are grateful for the kidney stones back in February and the many tests that ensued which led to the discovery of the cancer and to the surgical treatment option.

This was the big week. Mike tried to accomplish a lot before the operation, like mowing, some needed repairs, and a long bike ride to hold him over for six to eight weeks.
Both Monday and Tuesday he worked on the floor at Stephan and Karen's new place, Dove's Crossing.

Floor repairs and more!                                                             Dolores and Red resting after a day's work
Our consuegros (co in-laws), Karen's parents, were visiting and helping with various projects as well.

We celebrated Leah's adopted birthday at the Monday Night Meal.

The Birthday Girl--soon to be a grandmother--and the Monday Night crowd celebrating
I've been trying to weed an overgrown flower garden. Can you see the little friend that came out to keep me company?

Wednesday, we were up very early and off to IU Health University Hospital. I appreciated having son Sam come and sit with me from 9:00 a.m. until we could join Mike in his room, around 3:30 p.m. Stephan and Karen arrived shortly thereafter.

Before he was put under, Mike had asked the doctor whether he'd be awake in time to watch the World Cup soccer game. Doc assured him.
We had a comical memorable time, eyes and ears straining to follow the famous 2014 soccer ball. The TVs were small and the reception was horrible.

So, in spite of his grogginess, Mike was on the computer trying to find a better way! No luck.

Needless to say I did a happy dance when Argentina won, and our kids, even the one born in Germany, joined us in cheering for my other country.

Karen, Sam, Stephan
Leah helped out on the home front and visited when we got home Thursday evening.
And Kristie prepared a delicious meal for us Friday. We are so blessed to have all our family nearby.
As the anesthesia wore off, the pain and soreness increased. Pain management continues to be a challenge.

First walk                                               Next day                                               At home
He still spends most of his time in the recliner and only takes short walks.

Friday, visiting friends ordered from Ivanhoe's and ate lunch here. It was so good to see a couple of girls from our travels in the Basque Country. Can you see Mike in the background taking it all in?

Saturday afternoon we watched the match to determine who would take third place in this World Cup.  It was not to be Brazil, though Netherlands did not defeat them as badly as Germany had (7 to 1).
We truly felt sorry for Brazil. However, today, when Germany beat Argentina 1 to 0 in overtime after a well-fought game, Brazil celebrated the defeat of their South American rival. No matter, I am proud of the Argentine team's performance.

Here, a few screen shots from today's viewing. Notice the ad for Garoto in the background. Stephan and Leah remember touring that chocolate factory with the ship school children when we were in Brazil.
Messi "mejor jugador del mundial"


sara said...

so glad all went well for Mike! Praying for a quick recovery. Please give him a hug from me!!

The Bug said...

Somehow I had missed that they had found cancer! So glad the surgery went well - hopefully his healing will be quick.

Yes, I saw that toad (or was it a frog?) :)

Happy Adoption Day Leah!