Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 Week 26: On the road again

Monday we arrived home after a very looooooong day.
Mike and the young folk only got a couple hours sleep because they stayed up the night before to watch the US play in the World Cup.

The remnant in Indianapolis airport
In Europe I enjoyed reading the newspapers when available. I bought one with a special insert all about the World Cup. We referred often to the schedule of games. For entertainment on the flights back I purchased a historic issue of ¡Hola! covering the proclamation of the new king of Spain. 
I remember as a child how fascinated I was with the National Geographic issue of Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

A couple days later Mike went out for a long ride again. Look what jersey he chose! The gift that Amaia brought on her first visit in 2009. The Euskaltel, Basque professional cycling team, no longer exists, but our adventures in Basque Country, inspired back then, are ongoing.

Thursday the Greenlees (old friends from our years in Europe and on the ship Doulos) came through and spent a few hours visiting. Can my faithful readers guess where we took them for lunch?

The very next day we were on the road again on our way to Little Rock, Arkansas, for a wedding.

On the way there and back I read out loud from two very special memoirs, both about friends of ours from years ago.

 We were very honored to be invited to the wedding of two Taylor grads, our young harpist friend and a young man in our community. We were also very privileged to stay with blog-friends Sara and husband Steve. They've been to our place several times because their youngest is a student at Anderson U.

They taught us to play Hand and Foot a couple years ago, and still delight to beat us whenever possible!

Saturday morning Sara showed us how she makes green smoothies with her Ninja.

She also helped me find the perfect outfit for the evening wedding.
No photos of that beautiful event.

Sunday morning we said goodbye to our good friends. We don't know when or where we will see them again as they may be moving soon.


  1. Of course you went to Ivan Hoe's!!!

    we LOVED having y'all here! It still makes me smile thinking about it....or maybe I'm smiling from beating mike in cards :)

  2. I'm gonna have to just drive over sometime so we can go to Ivanhoes :)


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