Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Week 42: Art, process and progress

Initially I intended to post all the photos taken during our visit to Grand Rapids, but soon realized that I had not taken any of the 3D Art Prize submissions, the category that most interested us. 

We chose to spend most of our time at the Frederik Meijer's Art Prize venue and then visit the Sculpture Park.
Mike was able to do this because we rode the tram. The tour guide commentary was excellent making up for not being able to see a few of the pieces hidden from view. You can find most online and their photography is much better than mine. 
Here is a sample picture, the first installation we saw on the tour. The guide named the five emotions represented by these figures. I could not match them up as we rode by, nor do I remember. Any ideas?


To wrap up last week's entries and summarize our experience, here is the new green turtle (from Meijer's gardens gift shop) to join my collection on the window sill. 
Always a reminder that creating is a process that requires steady plodding to the end. 
Progress may be slow, but the result will be well worth the effort.

Mike is living out that lesson. He did not give up on the destroyed wax sculpture. 
Here is the reassembled and coated member-tree.

Last Sunday afternoon, with the help of one of his former Red Barn faithfuls, he poured the bronze.

The set up                                                      The moment of truth

Alas, it was not successful!
Did he give up?

Monday, this time mostly on his own and with only a little help from me, he refired some parts.
He works steadily, and we wait patiently, for the end result.

                          Waiting                                                                        Equipped, protective gear                                In Action                                    
 The changing hues of the season reveal the Creator's love for beauty.
Monday dinner--view from Stephan and Karen's back porch. 

This week we could watch the leaves fall like gold rain. 
I decided to capture the different views of our woods before it was too late. 

North                                                        North-East                                                   East

Saturday was a very full day. Mike was off to a robotics competition with Team 1720.

Stephan and I ran the Taylor Homecoming 5k rather successfully each at our own pace, 
just fun to share the same event and chat a bit. 
My selfies were rather unbalanced, however, so here is a composite.

Soon after I got home the little grandsons were dropped off for a few hours so Mom could prepare for the birthday party.

Zion, proud of his 'dump truck'                                             Jude learning the names and uses of his new 'big boy tools'

Happy birthday, Jude!
The week would not be complete without a photo of baby Rebecca who was two months old on Tuesday. 
Again, sadly, it had to be one borrowed from Facebook.

Sleeping Beauty

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The Bug said...

I love Mike's tenacity - I often give up too quickly on things that don't go well (I'm thinking of about three crochet projects languishing in a bin even now).