Monday, October 6, 2014

2014 Week 40

Full week. Few photos.
Still haven't seen or held Rebecca.
Once again, I must steal borrow from Facebook.
Yesterday, October 5th, she smiled for her Mommy's birthday.

 I did get to see and love on the other little ones at Monday Night Meal!

Yummy soup

Wednesday evening Mike dropped me off at the corner where he picked up an Upland youth who joined the robotics team. I spent the evening getting acquainted with some of the other members of the family. What a treat to listen to harp music!

Thursday, Mike and his two Upland PhyXtGears' helpers set up last year's robot in the Taylor University Science building for participation in the Engineering Fair.

Michael was able to sit most of the day and avoid hip/leg pain.

Friday, I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of him resting and enjoying the sunshine.
I think he's almost finished staining the deck, and may have figured out what he ought not do in order to avoid pain.The cause, however, remains a mystery.

More favorite Facebook pics--my mother enjoying a visit from great grandson Simon.

Saturday we had a delightful visit from friends who have also traveled to the Basque Country.
We taught Courtney how to play Hand & Foot. Emily remembered being my student years ago!

I promised to tell you this week about the missing piece on the tandem.
You guessed easily. However, Mike, when he got the bike down, did not notice that he had not yet replaced the seat after taking that favorite saddle to Spain last June, nor did the other riders gathered at the Greenway realize readily what was missing. So, congratulations to you very observant readers!


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Figuring out what he ought NOT do is a start, but it would be good to figure out the cause, too. So we'll continue to pray!

Tina said she was surprised at how calm Simon was on his ride with Great Grandma -- usually he's such a wiggle worm! But he leaned back and just enjoyed the ride! :)

The Bug said...

That's so funny about the seat - although, granted, you did TELL us that something was missing :)

Tell Kayla that she needs to bring that baby for a visit STAT!