Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 Week 39: Remembering and Keeping-on

 I did not get to see "Baby Abecca" (as Jude calls her) this week :-( except in photos.
So I will post my favorite pic by Dominique Lee Photography, a young community friend.

This week Mike has accomplished many things, though getting to the bottom of his recurrent leg pain is not one of them.

Monday he hung the tapestry we chose and ordered on our mini vacation in Nashville, IN.

Throughout the week he continued to work on the deck. I helped him some on Friday with the last phase, the staining.
He's determined to finish the huge task before the weather changes.

Following a short break after the accident with his sculpture, he picked up the broken pieces and began the restoration process. He does not, will not give up. I have always admired that. The new 'member-tree' awaits further coating.

Perhaps I learned from Michael to keep on keeping on no matter how long it takes. That's why I collect tortoises. They sit on my kitchen window sill as a constant reminder.

Thursday was a special anniversary that I look forward to every year. It marks the new beginning for Sam and Kristie. And being TBT (Throw-back Thursday), I include these reminders of the end-of-rehab ceremony and celebration.

I don't know why Sam was not in the picture, but he never forgets to publicly recognize that memorable day of deliverance. Here are his words on Facebook this year as he is away, traveling for work.

I am in New Hampshire, their state moto is "live free or die" 14 years ago today Jesus pulled my wife and I from the depths of hell (addiction). In the last week I have lost 2 friends to addiction, 1 an overdose, and 1 suicide, both drug induced. I am so saddened by the despair, and pain that addiction causes so many. At the same time it is a great reminder of how blessed I am to be not only alive, but free! Thank You Jesus!
Before class Thursday evening, I went to the visitation for one of the mentioned above--a young woman. I remember when she helped us paint the mural for Sam's Upland skateshop years ago.

Friday, my neighbor and I walked two and a half miles. I am so grateful for a weekly walking partner and the beautiful weather we are having.

Tired and red-faced

Saturday, was another gorgeous autumn day, perfect for the memorial of a cycling friend. He was an outstanding athlete and musician. The celebration of his life was an outdoor musical event at Prairie Creek Reservoir. He came from Norway years ago.

His widow and his bike

Daughter and granddaughter sing a Norwegian country song

Beach burial

Meanwhile in Ohio, Stephan was carving a monster-pumpkin, 400 lbs.


Sunday afternoon we had our only tandem ride of the year and it was very brief. Mike belongs to the Greenway committee. They are working to bring the trail through our area and town. Taylor students are producing a promotional video and needed footage of riders using the trail.

Here's a puzzler for you: Can you tell what important piece is missing?
Come back next week for the answer.


Cristina said...

the front seat?

The Bug said...

So many great pictures this week! Love the baby and the beach burial pics - so lovely.

Yes, Mike's seat is missing!

Oh, and here's some synchronicity - I'm listening to an audio book called "Kraken" - which of course talks about cuttlefish :)

stephan said...

right, cuttlefish, not cuddlefish.