Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Week 38: Many family moments

We are very blessed to have our growing family living in the area. Birthdays are added opportunities for family fellowship.

Diane (9/11), Kristie (9/17)

Diane preferred the traditional birthday song whereas Kristie enjoyed the Krazy Koch version. . . until it would not end! 
(How long should each candle represent one year?)

Wanna guess who is the center of attention at family gatherings now? Forget the birthday celebs!

Happy Nanna!

Los tío-abuelos
The first time great-uncle Sam got to meet Rebecca. (They have similar hair-dos, don't you think?)

I captured the first pictures of the little family!

Matt and his girls
A Kern-family collage where the little 'Kernel' is wearing the outfit that claims each to be her favorite.

"Daddy's favorite girl"                                         "Mommy is the BEST"
For Kristie's birthday Sam planned a romantic two-day getaway and enlisted the grandmothers to help keep the family routines going smoothly.
Kristie left precise instructions for each of us. Here's my list for all day Wednesday and Thursday morning, which included driving back and forth to pre-school and soccer practice twice each.

However, there was time for play. We put together the best track and village ever, according to Zion.

Thursday morning came all too soon. The big boys went off to school at different times. 

Surprisingly, the train track was still intact and Zion would have left it that way, but 'hurricane Jude' would not allow it.

Day two: a long walk; bike ride; and Lego fun
So, yes, it was a full week. In addition to all the above family fun, our regular weekly commitments and more. 
Michael had many medical-related appointments. The recurring debilitating pain is still there, but he may be closer to a diagnosis and solution.

During his pain-free moments he continued to work on the tree sculpture and admirers keep coming.

This photo arrived yesterday from the Wandering Wheels group that made our place one of the destinations on the last day of their week-long Fall Breakaway.

Saturday was the Fall Harvest Party at Victory Acres, our local CSA (community supported agriculture).

I took a cole slaw dish decorated with spiralized radishes. A little person also thought it attractive.

Today, the first day of Autumn, I began to see signs of leaves changing color.
What changes are you noticing?


Karen Kay said...

I always love catching up with your family through your amazing blog, Rita. The last couple days we were with Marilyn Gardner at her book signing here in Az. You would enjoy it very much if you haven't read it already, 'Between Worlds', especially written for a Third Culture Kid (Adult) audience. Praying Dr. will have wisdom regarding Mike's pain...

The Bug said...

What a busy week filled with adorable children :)