Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 Week 37: Technology, Trees, Time

Can you tell I like alliteration?
Monday I spent focused time learning how to prepare a presentation for class using all the many resources available through technology. It went well. No problems. I was excited. However, Tuesday in class, nothing worked. No problem with the presentation, but I just couldn't get the projector to work and my connection timed-out. All part of my learning-curve. The students blamed it being Tuesday as something seems to not work on those days. Perhaps it is best, we had a very interactive language class anyway. And Thursday, everything worked just fine.

Back to Monday. We had another great meal and fun time at Stephan and Karen's. Two friends from other countries were there. We always enjoy talking about language, telling stories and jokes, comparing cultures.

Notice how Nova, the kitten, enjoys visitors. We also went to look in on the rabbit colony.

The Mama Rabbits

Toward the end of the evening we noticed the super moon and mist. And every time we go, we notice something else Stephan has done. Among other things this time the screen doors he made and the swing between the trees out front (see below to the right).

Tuesday I tried to walk through our woods from the road, but the old path was closed with summer growth. However, I did glimpse the large fallen oak tree Mike had told me about.

Speaking of trees. . . he has been working off and on all week repairing the sculptured tree.

First he had to sand off the fungus that grew out of all the grooves outlining the icons, then bleach to remove any mold. Now he is retouching all the colored figures.

He also spent a lot of workable segments of time spraying the deck with bleach to clean it, a task that has to be done every so many years.
All this, and much more, was accomplished during moments when he was not in pain, until it returned and he'd have to sit for a while. Yes, the mysterious and persistent pain has interrupted him repeatedly. So, as is his way, he researched at length. Many others describe what he has. Only one person he read about had found relief. He sent for the book about pressure points immediately, and had it overnighted. It seems he may have found a solution, though it will take time.

Yesterday, the 12th was the last day of the Wandering Wheels Fall Breakaway, a week-long bicycle tour. They had asked to come by, see our sculptured tree and tour the new house. We, somehow forgot, or thought they were coming on Saturday. Our confusion became apparent when a few faster riders began to arrive. Mike came in to inform me and tell me not to panic. I never tidied the entire house so quickly!
They were a very friendly appreciative bunch, thirty five in all, from as far away as New York, Canada, Wisconsin, and I don't know where all.

The crowd leaving

Today we enjoyed Elijah's soccer game in Yorktown. He was chosen and tried out for the travelling team.

The goalie in action and happy for the team victory.

I promised a photo per week of our sweet great grandbaby. I had to borrow this favorite pic of the week from Kayla. Can't wait to see her again, hopefully tomorrow on her one month-a-versary!

Photo credit: Leah


John D Tuggy said...

Thanks for the update! Enjoy great grand daughter, and let us know if Mike gets lasting relief! Gob bless you all, looking forward to our next reunion (sometime)!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

We'll continue to pray for Mike, and that he will indeed find some relief from the pain.

I can just see you scurrying around, cleaning the house :)

Rebecca sure has a lot of hair! What a cutie.

The Bug said...

Oh my word she is aDORable! And Elijah's pretty cute too.

Hope Mike has found a solution to the pain!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your moon shot. So beautiful.