Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ArtPrize: reflections on Grand Prize 2012

As promised, some of the photos of the first art piece we viewed on display at the HUB of the event.

"Elephants" by Adonna Khare, winner of the Grand Prize in the 4th annual ArtPrize event in Grand Rapids, MI, a huge pencil drawing in three sections. This collage is meant to give a feel for the whole, however, I could not include the entire middle section so will show each separately below.

 From left to right:

First panel
Middle panel
Third panel

And that's not all. The artist "was a classic example of someone who does not know when to quit," said the guide. Wherever her art was installed, she kept adding to it even beyond the edges of the paper and onto the wall!

So, how many elephants did you count? And what about chimpanzees
There are sooooooo many details: creatures of all sizes; many have human hands and feet; all sorts of objects stuck in random places. "Everything linked together by nearly invisible string the artist suggests means the possibility of harmonious co-existance," explained the guide.

He also said she copied the postures of her daughter as she drew the chimps laying on the couch, listening to music (right), and the lips stapled shut (didn't understand that one?).

It was also suggested that this enormous, intricate work of fantasy actually represented her own life--people and events. 

The eggs scattered throughout the mural represent new ideas to be developed, to 'hatch' sometime in the future.

"She began on the left and kept on going without sketching or laying anything out. It all came out of her imagination."

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