Sunday, December 6, 2015

2015 Week 49: Beauty in many forms

Last Sunday Stephan posted a photo of the finished competition piece he designed for the Great Lakes International Ice Carving Competition in Buffalo, New York--a pelican breaking the surface of the water to catch a fish.

Liquid Lunch
 Thursday he was carving locally for the Light Up DWNTWN Muncie event.

And Friday he was carving all day downtown Indianapolis in the Geoargia Street festivities surrounding the Big 10 Championship game.

Another family member in the news this week was granddaughter Kayla. She teaches 15 different classes of dance at Cornerstone for the Arts in Muncie.

Cornerstone Center for the Arts to host first Holiday Show & Sale

Now my photos for the week.
I watched another form of beauty when these blooms appeared from the $1 bulb I purchased at a holiday craft sale. (Can't remember the name.)

From outside looking in. From inside.

My chicken tortilla soup lunch at Common Grounds Friday was so pretty I had to take a picture. It was also quite tasty. I've had an added appreciation for the ability to enjoy food, after being sick for four days. Seems I caught what Mike had over Thanksgiving. Gratefully, in spite of little food and digestive misery, I was able to keep up with basic responsibilities including teaching

I came home from my Friday meetings with the writers group and later with my neighbor-friend, and found Mike majorly multi-tasking.

Notice his complex to-do list, and the two screens he operates simultaneously--a movie on the left, and on the right-hand screen, a photo to add to his folder of inspirational images for future bronzes. He has so many interests and so much on his mind, that he often wakes up very early and gets to work.

Friday and Saturday, after a full week of each just keeping up with our responsibilities, Mike and I enjoyed several outings together. We hoped to see the lights in Muncie, instead we ended up at the Civic Theatre and saw our friend's son act in Miracle on 34th Street.
Saturday we went to a John Peterson's Pottery Christmas Open House. His studio is so close to Sam and Kristie's house that we swung by for a brief visit. We got to hug the grands, chat with the little ones, admire and be inspired by the Christmas decor. . .

. . . and we spotted a partridge (must've fallen out of a pear tree). [Stay tuned for future appearances.]

We also went to our favorite Taylor program, Sing Noel.

I have barely begun decorating the house for Christmas.

Today, Sunday, was Upland's Olde Tyme Christmas festivities. I joined a couple friends on the Tour of Homes, and hopefully came away more inspired to decorate and enjoy it!

Here are just a very few things that caught my attention in the places we visited.

One home was noted for its collection of items from around the world.

From Iraq, Oman, and Russia
In another home, among the many, many decorative touches, I noticed these stylized pieces and thought they would interest the sculptors in the family.

Hopefully next week I can share some of our own Christmas displays. However, I do want to keep it simple and not stress over it and focus on the message of Christmas--God with us, Christ came to dwell among us.

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The Bug said...

We aren't messing with Christmas decorations this year - we'll be out of town too much to bother.

That Stephen is always on the go! I'm glad he has so much work. And I'm glad you're feeling better!