Monday, December 14, 2015

2015 Week 50: It's beginning to look . . .

 It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas. . .
Some decorations have found their special place.
Others lay around waiting, hoping to be displayed.

Creative moments to lighten the last week of teaching, resulted in fun new ornaments from last year's photos.

Monday Night Meal at Steph and Karen's has the same effect, especially when this fun family is there.

My year-end letter, written the week of Thanksgiving, started out 2015--Year of the Robot. Half a page listed all the activities and involvements related to the robotics team Mike mentors. And, it's not over! Since then there have been new developments and activities--the possibility of moving the shop and growing the team, seeking more sponsors, inviting guest speakers, and promoting the program. 

Mike sharing at Inspire Academy
I had many fun photography opportunities. A friend asked me to take some photos to include in her annual letter. Well, "Dawling" Dorothy is full of fun even though not able to do or go as much as she'd like.

For six months she has been without most of her teeth, waiting on new ones. For one reason or another her dentures have been delayed, lost, postponed, refitted. . . you name it!
So she wanted to show the many faces she can make!

 The last day of class I tried to get photos of my students being normal, silly, and serious. Turns out latter is hard to do.

"Serios, por favor."
Sunday was a very full day!
Kayla taught 15 dance classes this semester at Cornerstone for the Arts in Muncie, mostly the young and very young. Twelve of her groups participated in the Christmas show. I found perfect seating to capture each performance on camera.

 For more cuteness you can see all my photos on Facebook at Kayla Kern's Dance Students.

Later that evening I was invited to Navidad Latina where I met many students from Latin American countries and took many more photos.

 Michael wanted me to take a picture of one of his meals. This is one of his favorite methods of cooking--roast everything in the oven on this one tray. ¡Muy delicioso!

Mike found time for sculpting creativity. At last he found an image that inspired him and was compelled to get back into his studio. Surprisingly this is the result of only three or four hours.

Only ten days to complete the preparations for the biggest celebration of the year! Let's enjoy every minute.

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The Bug said...

What a lovely week! Boy, Kayla must have a very deep well of patience to work with those tiny dancers. Love that picture of Mike's meal - looks yummy! And his new creation looks like it will be fabulous.