Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Week 51: Merry Christmas!

Christmas greetings coming and going. . .

Our Christmas card
Semester winding down. On my last drive to Muncie, on a sunny afternoon, I was surprised by this beautiful rainbow.

A surprise visitor, friend and fellow-potter, Marty Price, on his way from picking up his latest wood-fired pieces.

Tuesday, December 15, the long-awaited Royerton Elementary all-school Christmas program! Over the years it has grown in quality and popularity requiring the use of Ball State University's Emmens Auditorium!
We have two grandsons who are students there this year: Elijah in his last year (5th grade), and Zion in Kindergarten.
The entire school joined in the performance of A Party in a Pear Tree musical. Elijah was the partridge stuck in the pear tree, the lead role. Kristie crafted a very colorful costume and he was hilariously funny.

A grand performance. . .leaves the bird tired and thirsty!
Here a couple samples:

I spent a morning diligently working on end-of-semester grades (NOT my favorite part of teaching!). As I looked out the window I was entertained by the squirrels chasing each other from tree to tree, up and down and around.

Michael had several robotics-team related meetings this week. The team is outgrowing their current facilities and are increasingly interested in a possible move to a bigger building in downtown Muncie.

I invited my walking-friends for a birthday brunch Saturday, so I had to have my house reasonably clean and ready. Midweek I stressed about it wondering what I'd gotten myself into, but soon got over it, and all came together amazingly well.

Mike had escaped to the robotics shop, one of his favorite hangouts, and came back later that afternoon with three grandsons to give Sam and Kristie a little time to catch up and get some Christmas shopping done. Sam had been gone with his restaurant outfitting job for a record sixteen days.
Grandpa and Elijah watched action shows together while the little ones and I had fun together. We played games, read books, walked in the woods, on and on. No one interest lasts very long at that delightful age.

"Let's find the hugest ginormous tree."
So, friends, have a very joy-filled celebration remembering the greatest invasion of human history. And to think that such a spectacular event, though not widely known or understood at the time, has become the greatest story ever told!


The Bug said...

That costume is a amazing! I'm glad it went well.

I noticed before our cruise that our squirrels were acting like little lunatics - it was hilarious :)

Alberto said...

I hope that the Christmas spirit pervades your hearts
and leads you during the whole year down the road
of joy and happiness.
Merry Christmas to all people of good will!
Merry Christmas to all!