Monday, January 4, 2016

2015-2016 Welcome the New Year!

Our 46th wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of January, in the middle of robot build-season, six intense weeks living in survival mode. So we decided to get away for a couple days after Christmas.
We stayed at the Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee Sunday through Tuesday on the third floor.

Our breakfast table
We could see our room from the breakfast nook.

Monday was a cold and blustery day, a mixture of sleet, rain, and high winds. Driving was slow and hazardous. Even so we ventured out to visit our consuegro in Michigan City.

That evening, back in our room, we watched football and put together a 3D puzzle we had purchased the day before. Mike had really wanted to try the 3D challenge. Ha! It turned out to be the easiest puzzle we ever worked on! Each piece is numbered on the back and has an arrow indicating the direction for the next placement.

Notice Arentina in the front!
After checking out on Tuesday we spent some time in downtown Winona Lake, ate at Cerulean's, strolled by the canal, looked in some shops and then went to visit Mother and brother Alan.

Seaweed Teriyaki

The last day of the year was the second annual shopping trip with the older grandsons. Will there be a third?

We welcomed the New Year quietly at home, watching TV.
In the morning a visitor ventured close.

Saturday we had more visitors--our friends the Eichers! They enjoy our woods.

Both father and son tried swinging around the tree!

Ah, but Mom Neeru had a fun pottery lesson after treating us to a delicious Indian meal.

Master potter Mike taught a different group the next day in Sunday School, the first grade class.
Their lesson was from Jeremiah 18 where he was told to go to the potter's house. God had something to teach the prophet. I think the children learned a lot too and had fun making a little pinch pot themselves.

As we face this new year, I wait expectantly to see what the heavenly Potter wants to do in our lives as He molds and makes us into His image.

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The Bug said...

Love your cap in the Tuesday picture! Your getaway looks just like the type of thing that my Mike and I enjoy :)