Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 Week 3: Keeping on keeping on. . .

Last weekend Stephan posted a photo of this beautiful sculpture. Don't know what the occasion was, only that it holds special meaning for us who lived on a ship for five years.

Mike and I are very focused on our current committments, living in survival-mode--only basic cleaning and house hold chores. However, I did "undress" the Christmas tree.
Just as I had enjoyed the sparkly fruit so much on the tree, I continued to  like what I saw as the colorful pile waited on the coffee table a whole week before it made its way to the attic. The bare tree patiently stands.

Having a good book to listen to helps me get a lot more done.
This is the most recent read/listen--a very moving and powerful story of how God can take a horrible tragedy and make something good and beautiful by his grace and through those who choose forgiveness over bitterness.

We are so privileged to live in this beautiful setting where we can watch: deer bedded down in the morning, . . .

. . . and grazing in the sunshine the next day; squirrels scampering; birds feeding. . .

After the long day of teaching, it was fun to meet mi hija Leah at Ivanhoes for great food and a shared chocolate-covered-strawberry sundae.

Saturday afternoon I hung out with grandson Elijah to go shopping in celebration of his upcoming 11th birthday.

Elijah: "First we'll go to MC Sports. Look, they have a big CLEARANCE SALE banner out front!"

The coolest soccer cleats were pricey, so only one more smaller item allowed. Two other shops. Found nothing of interest. Saw lots of Star Wars stuff and laughed remembering our family joke at Christmas-time, imitating little kids' references to Stah Wahs."

Elijah: "I'd like to see it again."
Grandma: "Let's go see if it's on."

Went next door to AMC. 3D version showing at 4:00. We were two minutes early! Perfect!

Elijah under his #1-favorite-soccer-player poster--Lionel Messi from Argentina!   Grandma and Elijah 3D Star-Wars gazing.
So this old grandma understands a little more when people talk about Stah Wahs!


The Bug said...

Aww - love that you watched the movie with Elijah! And I love that you got to spend some time with Leah :)

Karen Kay said...

We are still looking forward to Star Wars at IMAX...

Enjoyed your sharing this week, especially the photos of your peaceful locality there in the woods with so many of God's lovely creatures.

You are so blessed...

karen kay