Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016 Week 4: Robot, Spanish, Birthday

I chose a guiding phrase for this year.

Oops! Not this kind of adventure! Poor Michael spent quite a bit of his precious robot-time trying to locate the blockage in our drain.

Afterwards it was my turn to take precious lesson-preparation time to clean the mess accumulated in the kitchen.

Monday these photos appeared on Facebook. Rebecca is growing, and her hair is long enough for cute poneytails.

Wednesday, January 27th, was Elijah's birthday, so I chose just a few old photos to post along with his birthday greeting.

We were talking about Puerto Rico in one of my Spanish classes, so I pulled out a favorite picture taken when we were there in 1981. Perfect find for a TBT post on Facebook! So far more than 50 people have responded. They remember our kids when they were that age living on the ship M/V Doulos.

A group of five deer slowly graze their way around our land in a southeasterly path almost daily.

Other wildlife that unwittingly delight and entertain us, are birds of many kinds. Michael fills their feeders faithfully.

Mike also decided to scatter the walnuts we had gathered over a year ago. Sure enough, the squirrels discovered the stash. It is great fun to watch their speedy shelling process. 

Today, Saturday, was Elijah's party with friends and family.

And I got my Rebecca fix!

Being in Muncie, I decided to stop by Team 1720's shop to see the progress on the robot. The place was buzzing with activity. They were hoping to begin building their second spare robot today.

Mentor Mike investing in the lives of young future engineers.
It's Mike's 11th robot-build season. Early mornings and late nights, robots on the brain 24/7--that's his life.

Will there be time and opportunity to celebrate our 46th anniversary tomorrow? I'll let you know next week.


The Bug said...

Aww - a Rebecca fix for me too! :)

It's nice to have a handy man around, isn't it? Love the squirrel picture - ha!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I let the "diario trajín" get in the way and I forgot your Ann'y. Anyway, a belated greeting to you and God's blessings for your 47th year.