Monday, March 21, 2016

2016 Week 11: Sir Plus

At the beginning of the week I brought in just a couple flowers.
Almost the very next day there was an explosion of daffodils.
We are now officially in spring!

Monday, we were entertained by a little visitor in our tap class.

Tuesday we started a second 8-week Spanish class, 102. Always good to be reminded of the Spanish vowel sounds.

Wendesday, Michael did not work with the kids at the Red Barn. He just left some ideas and instructions for the college girls that help out there, and brought home some of his new pieces to add to the collection.

He then went on to Muncie to work on the robot. He worked many extra hours and very late nights (5 out of  7) to get Sir Plus ready for their first competition.

While he was having fun helping his young roboteers solve problems, I was entertained by my estudiantes,  like this scene--fighting over who will read the paragraph! Imagine that!

Who won?

Friday the members of the drive team took off for Warren Central HS to set up their pit and keep working on Sir Plus--an unending task!

They spent the night in Indianapolis and were joined the next morning by the rest of the team, mentors and many parents--a great cheering section.
I could not be there this time, but at the end of each day I watched all their matches online.

We were able to arrange for our planetarian friend, Kyle, to offer two presentations at the Red Barn Friday evening, actually inside the special dome.

Stories the Greeks made up about the constellations
My Christmas present from Kristie was, at my request, an outing with all my girls. She gave us gift certificates for pedicures.We were finally able to arrange a time that suited us all, even so Leah was not able to make it. We had such a fun time, we decided we'd do it again before summer, with Leah!

Your challenge is to match the feet to the women. 

I wonder if the husbands can recognize their wife's feet?

I had two other important commitments over the weekend. When I finally was able to relax and watch the progress of the robotics competition, I had already read the exciting news on Facebook:

"We won we won we won!!!!!! Thanks 868 and 1024!!!!!!" 

They were the last team picked to round out the # 1 seeded alliance. The other two teams had been hoping they would still be available for the pick!

Over the course of the competition, as usual, there were problems with the robot and what they thought would be its strengths, didn't work. So they focused on other roles they could do well.
The alliance demonstrated wonderful team work.
This is Mike's 11th year with the team, their first time to make it to finals, and their first win!

"We won the 2016 Judges award at district this year!!!! WHOOOOOO"

I think the judges liked all the Sir Plus bling!

And, last but not least, Mike is one of the finalists nominated for the top mentor award.

It's amazing that Mentor Mike survived this intense week while trying to get over a serious head cold and cough. Today he finally went to the doctor and is being treated for a sinus infection.

Another competition is coming up later this week!


The Bug said...

Oh yay for the robotics team AND their fabulous mentor! So proud of them :)

OK, here's my guess:

12:00 - Karen
3:00 - Kayla
6:00 - you
9:00 - Kristie

How'd I do?

Kimberly Hoyt said...

Mike certainly deserves an award -- or eleven :) He's been so faithful and supportive of all the team members throughout the years, leading by example and creating a space where the kids feel like they are all a valuable part of the team. Go Mike!

12:00 Kayla, 3:00 Kristie, 6:00 you, 9:00 Karen
Have never had a pedicure because I am super ticklish and cannot handle anyone else touching my feet, but I enjoy seeing everyone else enjoy them :)

Loved the photo of the daffodils popping up all over your yard that you posted on facebook! It is, of course, fall here but we're having some lovely days and hoping to eat lunch outside as we have visitors coming for the day (it's a school holiday). But it is supposed to get cold and rainy again tomorrow. Really need to unpack the cold weather clothes!