Monday, March 7, 2016

2016 Week 9: Relentless Passing of Time

Sunday the 28th of February, we finally got together as a family to celebrate first-quarter birthdays--Leah 43, Stephan 45, Jimmy 42. It is getting more and more difficult to combine our busy schedules as the family grows.
This Mom barely got the house in order. No time to buy new candles. However, being very resourceful with four ones worth ten years each and a big 3 & 2, we managed. You can't see it but Stephan's was an equation: (4x10) + (3+2).

 Is Rebecca sad the candles are out, or bewildered by the crazy birthday song?

Monday I left early to take Mother to her post-op check-up. She treated me after to a great meal in the Grace Village dining room.

She is doing quite well, but noticeably slowing down, which is not to her liking.

I got back in time to eat again, at Stephan and Karen's. He had to show off his favorite toy--his recently-purchased tractor! I didn't get out there in time with my camera. He was already parking it.

Tuesday, Michael had to descend into the septic tank area and check into a lingering blockage issue, even after Lancaster Septic had made an emergency call the previous Sunday.

My job was to turn the water on and off when told. And also to listen and mark the spot where I could hear the gurgling to determine the location of the buried box.

Between orders I tended to wander off and explore. I discovered several glimpses of spring!

I'm not sure if the blossoms survived the next days' snowfall, or simply went undercover.

When Mike dug for the box, it was gone, totally disintegrated! He hired someone to replace it. You can see the darker spot after it was covered over.
It was fascinating that day to see the snow on the ground had melted, but still clung to the trees.

Thursday was the last day of the eight-week course. I like to get a funny photo to remember the fun times and their unique personalities.

Friday evening Michael offered to stay with the three grandboys and encouraged me to go to Debby (my consuegra)'s 60th birthday party. Kristie and her sister planned a wonderful celebration for their mother, who was dreading the progression into a new decade.

Saturday morning Mike was off bright and early for another long but enjoyable day of working on the robot with very eager young budding-engineers.

I had fun with the little boys who despite going to bed at 11:00 the night before, were up and and about before 7:30 a.m.

They could easily have spent the morning playing games on the computer, but I wanted to make some Grandma-memories, so we went for a walk, ventured down another lane and discovered a new path back through the woods. Can you tell who was leading the way?

Meanwhile, Stephan began his 6-day Ice Alaska adventure. This year he was invited to join another team for the Multi-block competition. You can watch them at work here creating an ice sculpture titled Protecting the Nest. The webcam updates every 30 seconds.

Looks like Stephan was caught by surprise. Hmmmm

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I love that picture of the boys running ahead - so picturesque!