Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Week 12: Amefufuka

Daffodils, narcissus, jonquils in abundance, 
deer enjoying the green grass
spring weather warms our bodies and hearts.

Kayla and Rebecca's visit midweek also brought cheer.
Rebecca wasted no time in finding her toys and favorite things, like anything that resembles an animal--the duck decoy, the knights on the chess board. She found her tricycle on the deck and immediately knew what to do.

Mike had a difficult week! He went to the clinic Monday, but the antibiotic prescribed contained sulfa and he suffered an allergic reaction that made him even more miserable and unable to sleep when he most needed it during the robotics competition. I don't know how he made it through other than sheer determination driven by loyalty to the wonderful group of students, and strengthened by God's grace!

My commitments did not allow me to cheer them on from the bleechers, but I did yell at the TV as I followed  them closely online. Here are a few of my screen shots:
  • Before each match the alliance teams are introduced with great fan fare. Each team has their own unique salute in response. I especially watched for Michael to know if he was coping.
  • At the end of qualifying matches, team 1720 made it to selection round. The top eight teams are eligible to choose their own alliance. Captain and driver John, wearing the distinguishing head gear, announces his selection for the third team to round out their alliance.
  • Again this week PhyXTGears won the Judges' Award for their smorgasboard of talents, impossible to categorize!
  • Every single team member high-fives each one of the judges. After the numerous awards, when it was all over, I watched the judges one by one file past the hand sanitizer!

Sitting next to Kenyan friends in church yesterday, I learned their customary greeting on Resurrection Sunday and beyond: Amefufuka! Yesu amefufuka! (He is risen indeed! Jesus is risen indeed!)

When I went home I found that Michael had risen indeed. . . from the bed! For the first time in weeks he was able to sleep through the entire night (with the help of Nyquil)! After another intense competition week and very little sleep, struggling with a sinus infection and coughing constantly, he was very grateful for the good rest.

Half of the family were able to join us for Easter dinner (Jimmy had a vicious headache, Matt had to work, and Sam's family needed to rest after their spring break trip.) The center of attention was. . . again. . . the little princess!

She had her own safe markers and coloring book, but took over Nanna's special He is Risen coloring page. That didn't last long, however, so they went outdoors for lots of different fun activities.

Queen of the Rock

She earned the title by walking all the way up the lane!

An early start on the skateboard!
Rebecca's first Easter egg hunt
Food is gone; Delicious desserts; Time to go

One more Easter-related anecdote:
This week one of my students said: "I always thought Good Friday was a Jewish holiday because they are the ones who killed him."
"Well, I see your point. But can you think of something good about Jesus' death?"
"Maybe the sin-thing," he said.
"Yes, He took our punishment. What a gift! And then He was raised from the dead, otherwise it would not have been valid."

Yesu Amefufuka!


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Poor Mike! Praying he has time to rest and heal now. I can empathize, having had an allergic reaction to antibiotics with sulfa years ago. I broke out in hives all over my body; it itched like crazy for several days.

Great news about the robotics team! Liked the guy who had enough confidence to wear bunny ears in one of your screen shots :)

Love all the cute photos of Rebecca. Such a cute Easter dress -- it matches the Easter eggs :) Spring there, fall here. Took a very brisk walk first thing this morning! But by lunch time it was 81 degrees. Still lots of flowers and will be until June: roses, lantanas, morning glories, etc.

rita said...

Kim, the bunny ears were the required/provided captain's head-gear, otherwise John would not have worn it! ;-)

The Bug said...

I love the bunny ears too - and they must have brought good luck. Congrats to Mike & the team! I hope he's feeling a LOT better now.

Thanks for my Rebecca fix - such a cutie. And I love Leah's dress!