Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Week 13: Spring Surprises

I finally completed what Rebecca started last Sunday. It is, in fact, my first adult coloring project. I learned about Lorien Atwood's art through this blog post. I purchased a license to print 10 for our family Easter celebration and later sent for her coloring book called Meditations.

It was a regular week for the most part, as far as Monday Night dinner, teaching and robotics routines. . . and Michael was able to sleep normally every night!

We read in our textbook about ropa tradicional in different parts of the Spanish-speaking world, so Tuesday I showed them my huipil, a very special gift from a friend in Yucat√°n. I did not model it for the students. This is a photo our hosts took after they had us girls dress up and they adorned us with flowers and accessories.

Then, as usual, there were the extras--appointments, surprises and special events.

Michael attended two luncheons, Tuesday and Wednesday, with Sir Plus and his team to promote the robotics program. They gratefully received enough monies to pay their dues to attend the State competition next week--April 14-16.

Sir Plus--the prettiest robot!
Wednesday, not picture-worthy, I went to an oral surgeon for a consult regarding a molar with deep decay, and ended up having it extracted then and there! Ugh!

Our friends, the Bowyers arrived that same evening.What do we do when we're together? Yep, play Hand and Foot and conversate.

Let the fun begin!
They spent one night here before their whole family gathered in Anderson to celebrate Jared's up-coming graduation. He preferred they all come to his senior recital rather than the commencement.

Friday evening we were so honored to be included with the family at an Olive Garden dinner. That's when we met the members we'd only heard about, especially the grandbaby, who of course is always the center of attention!

Coincidentally, Sam and Kristie had invited us to a movie screening at Anderson University that very night, so we had to eat and run--Brennan  (movie trailer).
We were very impacted by the story of Brennan Manning, author of The Ragamuffin Gospel, and the backstory and presentation by the director producer and main actor in the Brennan movie. Two very broken people whom God loved relentlessly, even furiously. The message of their lives repeated over and over: "God loves us just as we are not as we should be, because none of us is as we should be."

Saturday was Jared's big day. It was a regular robotics workday for Michael, but I was able to attend the superb performance. (Thanks, Sara, for the photos.)

The proud family surrounding the relieved performer!
Very strong gusts of wind, accompanied by sudden showers, snow or hail, made me quite nervous as I was driving on the highway both going and coming. I experienced a near white-out near my exit.

Upon arriving home                                                                An hour later
The next morning
Everyone was lamenting the fallen daffodils. However, I went out and gathered three beautiful bouquets.

Indiana weather is full of surprises. Such is life.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

What a fun week! I think it makes a lot of sense to have the family attend the recital rather than commencement because the recital is where he is able to show what he's accomplished. Commencement is great, but you're sharing it with so many other students and the focus is on the group, rather than the individual.

I've downloaded "The Ragamuffin Gospel" to my Kindle but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I have read several articles he's written. When will the movie of the author's life be available to the public at large?

The daffodils are lovely! What a contrast with the weather. haha

sara said...

what a wonderful weekend for us and the icing on the cake was being able to spend time with you and Mike!! We are so very thankful that God brought us together so many years ago through our blogs!!

The Bug said...

I feel like I read the Ragamuffin gospel deep in the murky past - I'll have to check it out!

So glad you got to spend time with the Bowyers!

The Bug said...

P.S. Love the picture of you in your huipil - lovely!