Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Week 16: Busy Bees

The robin looked at me and said, "Spring is definitely here!"

I picked the last of the daffodil/jonquil/narcissus, all the late-bloomers in that family, and enjoyed them all week.

Monday night Mike pulled an all-nighter to rendezvous in Illinois at midnight with the shipment of bees he had ordered from California. They had been delayed in Nebraska due to snow.

So Tuesday morning he was busy installing them in their new home.

 He's been closely monitoring their adjustment and progress.

Mike delivered Sam and Kristie's bees that same day and guided that transfer. Their busy bees have a lot more native wild flowers to feed on.

Robotics has slowed down considerably. Perhaps the beesiness busyness helps overcome the disappointment of not going to World Championships this year.
But it's just like Michael to keep active and exercise as much as possible.

And with warmer weather comes mowing season.

 Mommy Kayla and Nanna Leah stay busy running after a 20 month-old who thinks she's in the "terrible twos" (smile).

In time-out
 My life hasn't slowed down yet either. Saturday was an interesting day. You might say I keep the Sabbath. It seems that's usually the day I do something very different and forget about teaching, the house, and the usual.
The night before I decided to sign up for a race and join Debby, my consuegra, Kristie, and Elijah who was running his very first 5K. The day was so beautiful, my time was surprisingly okay for not having run in many months, and we had a lot of fun together. We agreed that we'd like to find more opportunities like this.

It was a color run. Elijah especially insisted on covering himself with every color possible.

Then I got a surprise phone call. A friend from our time in Europe, even from before we were married, said they were on their way to Taylor University for a granddaughter's recital that very evening!!! So we were delighted to get cleaned up and meet them there. So many fond memories of 40 or 50 years ago...
Actually our Stephan was named after her first husband who passed away 25 years ago already. We enjoyed hearing the story of how Diane and Cliff met a couple years after their spouses died, and also meeting members of her new family of 22 years now.

Amazing how many of our friends from the past make their way through our little town.

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The Bug said...

Rebecca in time out is too cute! I told my dad he should start keeping bees, but he reminded me that he'd done that when I was very small & was badly stung. He's not interested in repeating the experience!

We were just talking about color runs at Weight Watchers last night - I might have to get geared up to participate in one!

That last picture of you guys is really good - you clean up well! :)