Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016 Week 14: More Surprises

A week ago we were commenting on surprise spring weather.
It happened again. We woke up to snow yesterday.

Monday morning our dear friends stopped by for a goodbye get-even game of Hand and Foot and then made their way back to sunny Arizona.

That same day we had surprise visitors from afar. Son Stephan called to say his friend Otieno, from Moody Bible Institute days, was passing through with his family on a visit to Taylor University.

The Oduor kids posing                                                Joined by parents
Otieno is from Kenya, Barbie grew up in France. So we had a lot of fun talking about language and culture. I learned the word Muzungu. Who does it apply to in these photos?

Yet another gathering, and food, on the same day. Monday Night Meal, of course. This time the delicious food was enhanced by spring flowers  and especially the lively conversation of many more guests than usual, including Kristie and the boys!

Tuesday afternoon Spanish class was very privileged to have Ignacio Aguirre visit and give a fabulous presentation about his beautiful country--Chile. He has been involved in tourism most of his life and is the co-founder and director of ChileDTour. He is endorsed as one of the best tour guides ever. We fell in love with Chile.

Sorry, these are the only two photos I captured, mostly for the different varieties and names of their fish and seafood.

Wednesday I dropped off some personalized coloring pages for Leah. This is her current favorite hobby. The back story is that she has been so tempted to color her dress!

Coloring page in the making
The rocks Leah paints come to life when Rebecca is there.

Friday evening was the kick-off of the Barton Reese Pogue Poetry and Arts festival with a workshop led by Shari Wagner, the current Indiana poet laureate and poetry readings around the theme of "Love is in the Air."

In other years I was involved in the planning and participated more. This time I only helped judge the adult original poetry and interpretive readings on Saturday morning.
Our church was transformed for the occasion with art displays throughout, various sessions, and the closing ceremony in the sanctuary.

Top left--winning youth art piece; Musical entertainment by Victoria Markum; Love is in the Air; High School ceramics

Michael had another very full week with robot workdays and another promotional luncheon midweek. Even so, he took off several hours to go with me to the Latin Night season finale of the Marion Philharmonic Orchestra--¡Viva la música! My students and I were offered complimentary tickets. Only two were able to make it. ¡Qué lástima! The others missed out on a wonderful evening.

Pam and Victor Fancher, and Sarah Ramos-Torres

Sadly, Michael had to go all the way back to Muncie to finish off the evening with the PhyXTGear-faithfuls who continue to do necessary repairs and improve the performance of Sir Plus in preparation for the upcoming State competition, April 14-16, in Kokomo. He didn't get home till 2:30 a.m.!

Can you believe we are retired???


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Got used to being called "muzungu" while in Uganda :)

From our observations, retired folks are the busiest! There's finally time to do the things you really enjoy, and you dig in with gusto!

The Bug said...

You guys wear me out! Whew! I don't like having more than one commitment per week (other than church). Ha!

Love the coloring page you did for Leah - that dress is pretty fabulous anyway. Make her take a picture of the finished artwork :)