Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 Week 15: Fun Times

Winter is over and the damage left behind evident everywhere.
Weather has warmed noticeably throughout the week.

Soup and warm golden loaves awaited us at Stephan's last cool Monday evening. Yummmm. . .

Michael has been preparing to become a beekeeper.

Thursday, after making sure the hive was well secured, Michael left for the 2016 Indiana FRC State Championship! The drive team and the programmers spent all the hours they were allowed to continue improving Sir Plus' performance, and getting set up for the big competition.

After classes and a long day, I finally was able to meet a family connection (my SIL's niece) who's been at Taylor U for an entire semester. We were both quite hungry so enjoyed a great Ivanhoes' meal.

My Friday routine includes two fun gatherings: 

--a lunch hour with fellow writers. One of the friends always hands out special "fortune" chocolates.

--a coffee hour with my neighbor. To help decision-making I'm trying to go through the list.

The three youngest grandsons spent the night so we could go to the Saturday morning performance of School House Rock LIVE at Eastbrook High School.

It is delightful to watch the boys grow and learn. Zion is learning to read and write and, like me, is happier when he has pen and paper. He followed each song and recorded start and finish with stars.
Jude responded when the cast came down and invited anyone to join them and dance in the aisle.
Wish I had gotten a picture, he was so cute.

Speaking of cute photos, an old one of my younger brothers resurfaced on Facebook and reminded me of the two little grandsons--both pairs are such great buddies.

Jude and Zion                                                                   Alan and Ivan

When I finally got home, I caught up on the robotics competition and watched all the matches Sir Plus was in. Some of the improvements did not work out as they'd hoped. Even so they made it to quarter finals and are ranked 13th in the state, not quite high enough to qualify for worlds, however.

A few screen shots I captured:

Conferring and being presented before the matches (above)
One attempt to climb the tower; alliance selection (below)

At the end of the day, I discovered through Facebook that other family members also had a wonderful day. I loved the photos so much I couldn't resist borrowing a few to show you all.

Nanna, Pops, and Mom took Rebecca to the Chrildren's Museum for the first time
Rebecca is one funny little girl and is growing up so fast!

Children are a gift from the Lord. 

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The Bug said...

The weather last week WAS scary! I'm glad it's been calmer lately. Zion's stars are so neat! Good job! I'm glad to have a Rebecca sighting :)