Sunday, July 17, 2016

2016 Week 28: Count your blessings

 Enjoying the lushness of summer. . .

Looking down on "the jungle" from the deck
Some samples add to the indoor decor.

Monday, surprised by the profusion of volunteer sunflowers at Dove's Crossing, Stephan and Karen's place.

Blessed to share several rides, errands, or appointments with these loved ones on different days.

Selfie by Leah

Selfie by Leah
Wednesday we were priviledged to join dear friends for their 50th anniversary celebration in Michigan. Fred was the best man at our wedding, only a week after Karen had given birth to their second daughter.

 We so enjoyed interacting with each of their children and grandchildren, and reminiscing with old ("literally" ;-) OM friends.

OM oldies                                                                       Los tres amigos
The children planned such a fun celebration. The best activity was when they were asked to move Flat Fred and Flat Karen around on the world map and tell their life story adding other little people along the way.
I don't believe I know any other couple that has lived in as many different countries as these two!

We stayed overnight at the same lodging as our dear friends the Bankers. After breakfast and much laughter and conversation, we each headed home.

We were back in time for Mike to put in a second eight hours of work on the robot this week with the team.
Friday, they left very early for the Indiana Robotics Invitational.
Saturday, after another short night, they repeated the same routine.

1720 is up next                                                                                      Talking strategy                              The protagonist: Sir Plus
So how did it go? Not so good, too many problems. Sir Plus is getting old and feeling beat up.
However, what an awesome opportunity for PhyXTGears to interact and compete with the top FIRST teams from all over the USA and Canada! Many came long distances and had to ship their equipment. For us travel time was only an hour and a half. Well, not for me, I stayed home. There was no room in the vehicle the day I could have gone. So I was glued to the computer watching our matches live, groaning when things went wrong.

Jared has been here all week, taking a course at Anderson University. Friday evening he could relax and not do homework. It was my opportunity to beat him soundly at Hand and Foot.

Brooding over his losing streak? Planning the next move? No! Checking messages.
 Today he is cooking dinner for us. Yeah!

We are very blessed in every way, eagerly anticipating the adventures that lie ahead in the new week.

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The Bug said...

What a fun week! I love the Flat Fred & Karen idea - very creative!

Sorry Sir Plus didn't do well, but I'm glad the kids (& Mike) had this experience.