Monday, July 11, 2016

2016 Week 27: Celebrating Independence

This week's pickings

The celebration began with a grand picnic/carry-in at church Sunday.

Monday, the 4th, we took a friend to the Indianapolis airport and spent a day in the city enjoying the sights and sounds.

Lucas Oil across from our hotel; Ivy Tech sign, a reminder that classes start Aug. 22; fun architectural designs

A sweet bonus was that coincidentally niece Tina and her young family were spending a few days in Indy and we got to hang out with them.

Betsy getting acquainted with la tía abuela (great aunt) 
Besides walking downtown and listening to a patriotic concert by the canal, we experienced the Rhythm Discovery Center, a fascinating percussion museum. (Take a virtual tour by clicking on the link and perusing the many images.)

Mike and I went back downtown later to see the fireworks display. We were rather disappointed. Due to weather conditions the smoke hung in the air in a growing cloud.

We caught a glimpse of Victory Field's fireworks, after their 20th anniversary sold-out game.

Tuesday, more family reunion fun--Stephan, Karen, and I spent the afternoon in Warsaw with my two younger brothers and their families--Ivan and Kim recently returned from Argentina, and nephew Jon visiting from California. 

Met great niece Adalyn and learned of her fascination with shoes.

Wednesday was a quiet day at home. Michael went in to the robotics shop nearly every day. They are getting ready for another competition next week.

I got tired of spending so many long days alone, so Friday evening I begged to go along on his regular bike ride. We ended up doing 22 miles on the tandem.

Saturday, the plan was to take Leah out to celebrate her adopted birthday, but that fell through, so I cleaned house all day.

It was also Argentina's Independence Day. I was moved listening to this very special guitar rendition of the national anthem by an 18 year-old--Himno Nacional

Sunday was a full day.  The friends visiting from Uganda shared in church and I was able to get an updated photo.

In the afternoon we went to a wedding shower for a dear young friend we met in the Basque Country three years ago. She is now marrying a young man from our town!
Courtney and Nathanael
 It was very fitting that Mike and I wear jerseys from that first Circle Tour for yet another pleasant evening ride, 20 miles this time.

My coloring page for the week also has a good message for us in these troubled times when the freedoms we celebrated even this week are being threatened.

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The Bug said...

What a great busy week! Wild that you got to spend time with Kim & Ivan and all three of their grandchildren :)