Sunday, July 3, 2016

2016 Week 26: Mid Year

This week I spent many hours at my desk in the loft writing and rewriting some of my life stories. . . and staring at the hummingbirds that zoom in and out. One of those times I was entertained by a very confused bigger bird who kept coming back and could not figure out how this feeder worked.

Bird with identity crisis
Mondays Kayla teaches a Family Dance Time for ages 1 - 2 accompanied by one adult. Rebecca gets to participate and so far quickly picks up all the moves--a natural-born little dancer!
An added bonus is that while Kayla teaches her other classes, Rebecca has some cousin time.

Photo by Kristie Koch ‪#‎cousins‬ ‪#‎playtime‬ ‪#‎juderiver‬ ‪#‎sharing‬
The Tuggys, visiting from Uganda, were at Stephan and Karen's dinner, and I forgot to take a picture. So here is one from three years ago. Before they leave I must get an updated photo as the children have grown several inches.

Nikki was in Leah's high school class and John was at Taylor U when Stephan was there.

On the drive there and back I read to Mike. We just started a new book, Tripping.
The sunset was so beautiful on the way home.

The clouds as we neared home
Daisies are profuse now, a whole field of them growing behind the tree sculpture.

Wild black raspberries are also thick. I picked a cottage-cheese container-full Tuesday while Mike was at robotics. In the process I discovered new paths he opened up and more berry-picking areas.

So many trees have fallen through the years and seasons. When I came across these branches of a dead tree, I was reminded of the sculptor who creates huge installations out of sticks--Bending Sticks. As the wife and mother of sculptors, I was fascinated when I saw this video of an artist using a very different medium.

Wednesday, grandson Malachi came to borrow camping equipment for a trip with friends to the  Audio Feed Festival.

 Elijah, in the background, wanted to go but he had his own getaway last week at Miracle Camp.

The robotics friends planned a surprise birthday party for John and asked to host it at our place.

Happy 16th, John!

At last the lilies by the mailbox opened up!

Friday, while in Hartford City, I checked out how the pieces delivered last week were displayed at the Frolicking Roots. Can you find them?

Michael had a meeting with Andy Mark Inc in Kokomo to present two robot parts the team has been working on for some time, from design to completed sample product.Andy Mark Inc sells robot components to FIRST teams and they could see the potential of marketing these next year.

Saturday was I forgot day. So I'll just skip over that lazy day.

How are you spending this 4th of July weekend?
Come back next week to hear about ours.

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The Bug said...

Ha! I've never heard of I Forgot Day - I'll have to make use of it next year. Love the flowe pictures. We have a vase of daisies on our kitchen table right now.