Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 Week 39: Torch, Grace, and RAGE

Enjoying hints of fall in the foliage, flowers, and weather.  

More fallish touches on the Monday Night Dinner table.

This week Michael caught sight of a deer taking a nap next to one of his beehives.
And also captured some interesting visitors running through our woods. Thanksgiving dinner?

The Creator's handiwork is all around us, and His presence with us at every turn.

Kayla is busy teaching little ones and big ones to dance, even older people like me. A few of us enjoy our hour of tap every Wednesday. We love our teacher, the music she chooses, and the routines she choreographs, and are grateful for the mental and physical challenge.

Miss Kayla helping a young dancer
Photo credit: Cornerstone for the Arts in Muncie

After tap class, we waited downtown for the Indiana bicentennial torch relay due to come through our little town!

Then we saw the celebratory procession make its way over the bridge, culminating with the torch that would light the waiting one on its way north.

Friday I drove north to my alma mater, Grace College, for Homecoming, and to spend time with my mother.

One of my favorite events is the bus tour of Winona Lake, led by Terry White author of this book:

Mother joined me for the tour (her first, my third) and enjoyed the wealth of local trivia and stories. Our guide planned a surprise for us--an extra stop at the oldest church in town, the Church of the Good Shepherd, where he also played the piano--a series of old melodies popularized by Homer Rodeheaver, evangelist Billy Sunday's song leader.

We were invited (or did we invite ourselves?) to join the Hoyt household for their Friday Night Dinner-with-the-Boys. Sharon is a wonderful cook and we had a delightful visit.

L to R: nephews Daniel and Nicolas, brother Ivan, Mother, brother Alan, SILs Sharon (dishing out the food) and Kim.

Saturday we had some great Mother-daughter time. I always appreciate the morning breakfast-and-Bible-reading routine.

The Homecoming highlight for me was the Saturday evening banquet speaker, the Alum of the Year, founder of Mother's Choice in Hong Kong. Just one number may give you a glimpse into her amazing ministry--last year alone 800 babies were rescued. (Click on the link and read more.)

Meanwhile Mike was in Indianapolis with our robotics team girls who were competing in the all-girls Indy RAGE. The very long day ended in a resounding victory. They were the # 1 seeded team, their alliance of four won the competition, they received a prestigious award and were highly praised by the professional mentor assigned to them. We are proud of our girls and so grateful that they were rewarded for much hard work all year.

Can you find the proud lead mentor--Mike Koch?

So proud of our drive team
Sir Plus, PhyXTGears' 2016 glitzy robot, is very tired, losing some of its capabilities, but can now retire happily.

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The Bug said...

Wow - what a great week! Thanks for the Kim & Ivan sighting :) And WELL DONE to the robotic young women!!