Saturday, October 22, 2016

2016 Week 42: A Week of Blessings

As promised, I will now post my favorite photos of last Sunday's family birthday celebration--Kayla's 25th!
I worked steadily for hours to have everything in readiness for the taco bar and ice cream and toppings bar, so that I could be available when everyone arrived. So, when Rebecca pulled me by the hand and said, "Walking," I was there and walk we did, all the way up the lane to the road. She would have gone further, but I managed to persuade her to head back toward the house.

Indoors pumpkin carving/decorating fun ensued.

And, of course, what's a family birthday without the Krazy Koch song?!

Not everybody could join us, but we were glad that Lexi could be there!

Sadly, Malachi had just found out that the reason his wrist  had been hurting for some time was that there was a break! He awaits the orthopedic surgeon's decision next week. Meanwhile we pray.

Monday was the only day Skye and his friend were able to come out and work. It was rainy and cold most evenings.

Michael felled a few more trees this week so they will have plenty to cut, lug around, chop and stack when they come back.

"Better fall away from the house."

He's also found several windows of opportunity to go out riding.

I couldn't resist borrowing Kristie's photos for my blog, after all it is about Meemaw's favorite Moments, right?
Wednesday was 50's day for Zion. Mom and brother got to visit and have lunch with him.

Cool dude.                                                                                      Best buddies. 

For me it was Food 4 Thought ladies group at Esther's house. I loved the flowers by her mailbox.

We are experiencing a beautiful and prolonged fall season that will soon come to an end.

My coloring from two weeks ago reminds me of the harvest that never ends.

Friday, our lovely yoga instructor treated us to a free session because it was her birthday!
I definitely benefitted, even if I could not achieve every pose. But, hey, my role was to take pictures, right?

Again I'm tempted to steal borrow photos from Facebook, because I so enjoy Leah's creativity.

Speaking of seasonal pumpkin art, here is another FB borrowed pic (son Stephan on the left).

Our giraffe at the Milwaukee zoo. Carved by Stephan A. Koch and Greg Butauski. Titled "Spot-On". 24 man hours in this piece. Giraffe was made of a single 325 lbs.


sara said...

I was hoping you would have video of the crazy Koch song!!! :)

The Bug said...

I love that bouquet in the top photo! And Rebecca's little overalls - so cute! Looks like a fun party.