Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Week 40: S.O.G. Days

They call us silly old grandparents when we seemingly enjoy our grandchildren more then we did our children. There may be some truth to that, perhaps it's because we attempt to do a better job the second time around. We are just grateful that our families live near and we can participate in most of the kids activities, several this week alone.

Grandson Skye has been working for grandpa several weeks now. It's fun to see him nearly every day. The huge fallen oak is nearly gone now and will fuel the furnace when winter sets in.

Tuesday, a surprise visit from a little one who excitedly exclaimed "Abuela!" as soon as she recognized our lane.  She also knows the difference between abuelo and abuela! (That's more than some of my students at this point.) Rebecca doesn't know to stay still for a photo, though!

Becca in motion
Wednesday, Kayla gave me a ride home after her birthday lunch with all the tapping ladies. I totally forgot to photograph our fun time together, but here is a later pic of the 25 year-old teacher herself!

Happy birthday, Kayla!

Zion excitedly welcomed his abuelas on Friday for Grandparents Day. There was so much he wanted to show us and we were so impressed with all that he is learning and doing.

I was especially interested in how the writing process is taught already in first grade.

Right next to that display is a wall with Wow Words. When they come across one in their reading they place the new "wow word" by the appropriate letter of the alphabet. For example he pointed out: T--thrilling.

The crowd of doting grandparents were thrilled with the music performance by the 80 some first graders.

When I arrived back home, the driveway refinishing crew was busily wrapping up their morning work.

I made the mistake of parking on the steepest side of the road. When I tried to drive out later, I discovered that I was stuck, bottomed out. Michael and the mailman, who happened by at that time, came to my rescue and towed me out.

Another proud grandparent moment was the recognition of all Delta seniors and their accomplishmnets before the Friday night football game.
Malachi accompanied by his parents
Sometimes it feels like other young folk look up to us like surrogate grandparents, friends of our grandkids or some of the robotics young folk we've gotten close to. We are blessed indeed!

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The Bug said...

A very proud abuela week indeed! Love that Rebecca knows which one you are :)