Thursday, January 30, 2020


I'm writing this from my daughter's hospital room, which explains why this post is late. But that story belongs in the next blog post. Suffice it to say, she should be discharged soon.

About the week being chronicled here. . . one of the surprise lilies closed up, another beauty opened.
One of my eyes was increasingly irritated, nearly closed, and caused me some distress. I realized how grateful I am for the blessing of eyesight.

Memory Monday:
My alma mater has been posting historic photos all week.
Were you there on that snowy day in 1969 when the entire student body formed a long line from the old library in McClain to Morgan Library, passing boxes of books along until everything was moved? 
Yes, I was, though I may not recognize myself in the lineup!

I've been reading my mother's diary account of their last visit to Argentina, one month mid December - mid January, 1996-1997. This was especially interesting to me for two reasons: at the time they were the age I am now, and I was with them on that trip! So, I went looking for my photo album of that memorable month. Here is a favorite photo--my parents standing in front of their first home in La Carlota, the one I am currently writing about in my memoir.

Here is Mother at age 98 on my visit Tuesday. The many YouTube versions of an old hymn became our dinner music--Day by Day, with such an appropriate message for us all.

Michael found time to hang a couple of gifts this week. An impressive framed relief print depicting St. Francis, who is known for his strong bond with the animals, hangs in our entryway now.

And, the commissioned portrait of us,  given to us for our 50th anniversary, completes the arrangement above the dining room window.

This year my desire is to celebrate each family member's birthday with a together experience. Wednesday I took Elijah out for a shopping trip. We both look forward to that time each year. He is 15 now. I don't know how much longer he will enjoy this kind of birthday celebration. 
Friday, Kayla and I went to Emmens at Ball State University for the Shanghai Ballet performance of
"The Butterfly Lovers." Her birthday was actually back in October, but this is what she had requested.
Can you believe it, both times I forgot to take a picture? I'll blame it on my increasing eye discomfort.
Saturday, then, for lack of photos, I got one of my lonely evening meal. Michael's Saturdays at robotics are twelve hour days. I would've gone to Elijah's birthday "brinner" (breakfast for dinner) but I didn't feel up to it. Mostly I wanted you to see the bees wax candle that kept me company, Matt's creation!

When Michael is at the shop, I can watch the activity in the mechanics end of the shop live streamed via YouTube. Can you find him?

Sunday morning I enjoyed the worship service from home thanks to Livestream, again because of what was going on with my left eye.
Later, however, we did go out on a special date to Fort Wayne--an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse,

and a very special show at the Embassy Theatre.

Have you ever seen this very talented young lady?

It feels like we've been celebrating our anniversary all month long, and the day is not even here yet. Cards and gifts trickle in almost daily. Most of all we marvel at God's gift of love for one another.

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  1. Have you seen a doctor for your eye? If not, hie thee hither! So says Dr. Bug. Your dinner actually looks pretty good to me!


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