Friday, January 3, 2020

Family Christmas

It was very different this year. We did not host the whole family in our home We spent Christmas morning with Diane, just the three of us.

She enjoyed reading the Scripture, even when she did not understand everything.

If you missed the clue on the make-shift Christmas tree in the previous post, here it is. 

Ornament purchased at the Christkindlmarkt
Focus on the journey of the Magi led to the theme of our family gift-giving--the reflection, reenactment, and three gifts per person. 

However, the best gift was presence--time together to relax, share, laugh and get to know one another more deeply. A variety of leisure activities contributed to this family-bonding.

Interestingly, a huge set of markers, found in the building that has become the robotics shop, became a hanging-out centerpiece.

Surprisingly, some of the most unlikely members to choose coloring, sat for hours enjoying the passtime.

 Not surprisingly, this is the page I chose to work on.

The big house's four levels provided a variety of hanging-out spaces.

Loft, upstairs, main floor, basement
 The lovely setting and mild weather allowed for outdoor exercise options.

The young cousins loved spending time together.

So that was our Christmas.
What stood out from the story of the Magi, was how God spoke to them in their language, what they knew best--the stars. Similarly, to communicate with our family members we need to understand how they think, and speak their language.

Come back for the next installment--one more celebration and two more crises. 

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  1. That looks like a wonderful way to spend Christmas! And your colored Magi are fabulous!


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