Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Here are cousin Karin's weekly beauties.

And our own blossoming plants. The lovely plant on the left was a gift in May, full of blooms then. Two new ones have begun a second round. I have not yet looked up their name.

We all had fun Monday evening at Steph and Karen's. Sam's family joined us. The younger 
boys enjoyed the pool. Malachi regaled us with stories. He is moving out into an apartment in Warsaw soon, in anticipation of Lexi joining him there next year after their wedding in May as he continues his studies at Grace Seminary.

Moriah joins us for lunch on occasion the days she is working at Taylor and even treats us to her culinary creations. 
7 Layer Salad and Chicken Salad on Croissants

Throughout the week I worked steadily at rearranging some areas, sorting and purging stuff. One of the changes involved consolidating Michael's pottery collection and moving it into his den. This is only one of the shelves. I like it. Now we have an open space downstairs that we can repurpose.

These critters are cute but so destructive. Michael has been relocating them, ten so far, due to damaged bird houses, destroyed plants and many droppings on the deck. After they get trapped, the incessant cage-rattling tends to wake us. 

Another night activity this week was to try to locate and catch a glimpse of the comet Neowise, relatively small, so very far away and yet visible for a short time during our lifetime.

We had two lovely visitors one afternoon. Kayla acquired a new toy, a cricut machine, and had fun making these mother-daughter shirts.

Michael continues his culinary experiments. His bread is never plain and is better each time. He is also very generous giving away his product.

Michael's enjoyment of cooking allows me to continue my writing research, digging into the archives and unearthing all kinds of fascinating family stories. 

Saturdays are Michael's day off doing what he loves! 85 miles this time!

We are both very grateful for good health and the opportunity to do things we enjoy.
We are incredibly grateful for family, for friends near and far, and for our church fellowship.

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  1. That looks like a lovely week! Boy - that bread looks SO GOOD! And I love my Rebecca sighting :)


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