Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Michael and I are grateful for the Detamore Trail here in town which allows us to get some fresh air and exercise even on the coldest days of winter. We tried it on Sunday after he plowed it once.

We are grateful for each Monday dinner Stephan prepares for "whosoever will". The group varies from time to time. We are ever faithful. The menu also holds delightful surprises, the fresh bread comes in different shapes and textures. The chai is the most consistent.

Michael added biscotti to his culinary experiments. 

Our bird visitors entertain us daily. A special one came by to peck at the suet--a pileated woodpecker.

Tuesday, Rebecca was here for the Basics Jr. Bible lesson. We had a fun time, but no photos.

An opportunity to make up for that came the next day when Kayla called, "Matt broke his arm. Could you pick up Rebecca from school? I have to go to Parkview Regional Hospital in Fort Wayne."

We decided to do some watercolor painting and try a new technique using a straw to blow and spread color around. Rebecca loves cats so this is what she painted. Do you see a smiling cat?

Kayla sent a photo of Matt after surgery. We are so grateful for medical advances and resources that allowed the two broken bones in his forearm to be put back together. Considering what happened it is amazing he did not lose part of his arm. I don't know if I can describe the accident accurately. He was repairing a forklift, one mast was in place when a second one slammed down on his left forearm.
On my watercolor rainbow parrot, I reflected Matt's wound as a broken wing.

Matt was admitted overnight, so Rebecca spent another afternoon and evening with us. She loves to play Splendor and is quite good for a six-year-old! Here she is pondering her next move. 

I was absorbed all week with memories I came across from the year 2000--a diary, letters, and photos.
The three grandchildren we had at the time: Kayla (Rebecca's mom), Malachi (to be married in May!), and Skye (a Daddy himself now!).

I spent a lot of time writing a reflective summary of that difficult and eventful year.

A surprise on Friday as I perused the March/April issue of the Good Old Days magazine. On page 52 the photo I submitted a long time ago! Some months ago, I received a letter to let me know when it would be published, I could not remember what I had sent! 

I am grateful for all the memories, both good and bad, because they remind us of God's faithfulness!  


  1. You were ADORABLE! Love that photo! I have a sort of similar picture here, just barely in color, except I'm not actually in the contraption.

    I'm so sorry about Matt! That's got to be hard for him & the whole family.

    P.S. Still loving Karen's shorter hair!


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