Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Winter Joys

Snow set in this week and serious cold temperatures.

Even so, Sunday afternoon we bundled up and hiked the Upland trail in 26 degree weather. 
It was challenging due to built up icy footprints. Later in the week Michael took the ATV and plowed a more even path.

That was our 51st wedding anniversary! It was a quiet day as we had already had a special getaway earlier in the week.
A couple days ago, I came across a summary written years ago that can be so helpful to explain our love story.  

I like to have a reminder of what we look like each year. Photo credits go to our resident students. Do you have a favorite? 

That evening the girls arrived back from their short break between J-term and Spring semester, and treated us to homemade pizza and tapioca pudding for our special day.

Sadly, I wasn't up early enough to get a "First Day of the Semester" photo of our two seniors, nor did I remember to get a photo memory of Monday Night Dinner. Moriah was able to join us this time.

Tuesday, however, I did record a few of the fun moments with Rebecca. We had hoped to build a "snow-girl" but the conditions were not right. Instead we enjoyed a tromp through the woods and drawing in the snow.

Wednesday, February 3, I came across photos of my recently-widowed friend's wedding. I forwarded the memories to her before noticing the date--it was what would have been their 31st anniversary!

Thursday, February 4, was Leah's 48th birthday. We went out to lunch, and I forgot to take a picture, again! Perhaps that is indicative of our good time with no thought to interrupt it with a camera. 

Leah's dear friend Amy from Doulos days, posted a sweet memory. I love the expressions on their faces. The occasion was Trevor and Manoli's wedding (from Australia and Spain respectively). Leah is wearing the flower girl outfit I made.

Our family has had many and varied adventures, indeed!

And Michael has played many different roles over the years. Here is one of the latest--performing surgery on Kendra's foot, ha! Actually just puncturing a blister to ease the discomfort as she runs and prepares for a marathon. He also draws from his own marathon experiences to coach her. (BTW, the drama was faked. She is a film major after all!) 

Saturday's highlight was the annual birthday shopping trip with grandson Elijah (16). I enjoyed it all the more because he drove. 

It was great fun to visit with the rest of the family and have a tour of the house to see the many changes and improvements.
Jude was eager to show off his latest Tinker Crate Water Fountain. Amazing!
And I met the pets, Charlie and Todd!

Here's what Stephan was up to this week--an ice carving demo for an Amish Market in Ohio.

What do you enjoy about Winter Wonderland?

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  1. Happy anniversary! I like all the photos of you two, but the kissing one & the far right laughing one are my favorites.

    What do I enjoy about Winter Wonderland? Looking at it from inside my warm house!


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