Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Award ceremonies

Another Sunday bouquet from cousin Karin in Tennessee--rhododendrons and a couple irises peeking through, peach and purple.

Sunday afternoon, we hiked part of the Three Falls Trail by the Salamonie River.

There were lovely spring blossoms along the way, very different from the last time we were in the area.  I believe we tromped through snow then.

Monday, Kendra allowed me to help set up and arrange her table at the film majors exhibit. Fun! 

Monday Night Dinner was not cancelled, Stephan and Karen pulled it off yet again with another tasty meal. The fractured shoulder and bruises are still causing Stephan considerable pain. However, he remains unstoppable.

The house-building has not come to a halt. Stephan does as much as he is able. See below how he picks up and carries heavy boards with only his right arm. 
Progress was notable throughout the week with helpers, "the Young Apprentice, the Father-in-Law" (as Karen refers to them in her blog), and a few others that drop by. 
I am learning new terms: purlins, joists, rafters. 

We rushed home from the dinner so we could watch the livestream of the 2021 Senior Show of the Film and Media Production department. Kendra's speech went very well and she was recognized for academic excellence among other things. Both girls won leadership awards.

Twice in the week Moriah talked about her role in the senior engineers' project - the Mars Habitat Printer. Michael was able to attend the in-person event, and got these photos.

Who would've thought this kid from the robotics team would soon be among the elite group of female engineers working in an industry (still TBD)!!! 

Wednesdays after lunch at the Senior Center, I have fun visits with Leah. I like to keep busy while we chat, so she assigns me an area or task. This week we cleared off the table and washed it down. Later she decorated it with a bouquet and candles.

Michael spent long hours at the team shop this week as they prepared to attend a competition this weekend, the only one so far this year. 

Saturday was a very full day. Michael left at 4:10 a.m. for the Ram Robotics Invitational in Hamilton, OH, and arrived home after 11:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. was my starting time tor the World Vision Global 6K for Water. One hundred from our church participated in the event and we had beautiful weather.

As soon as I got back home, I found the schedule and link to watch Team 1720's performances throughout the day. They were running behind so I had only missed one match. 
The rest of the day, I managed to keep track of most of the wins and losses in between attending a bridal shower and watching Lexi's graduation online. 
Most exciting was when final scores were announced and Team 1720, the PhyXTGears' alliance won!

The grand finale of the day was to be allowed to attend the official screening of the films produced by the four teams of majors in the department. 
It was not easy, however, to watch Miss Holly in Jack, the Town, and I. My performance may have been adequately believable, but I sure looked old!

2021 Film majors (Kendra far left)

Finals next week, then graduation, and the end. Goodbyes are what some students dread the most.

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  1. What a fun busy week! Congrats to the girls, the robotics team, AND to the "mature" actress in her inaugural role!


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