Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Exciting Events

The iris explosion has begun!

They are so delicate and beautiful!
And the color to match Taylor graduates!

Moriah with her engineering friends

Sunday we attended Moriah's open house and once again marveled at the well-organized party in every detail. Note the famous cake-pops. Of course, we enjoyed most of all meeting and talking to many friends.

Monday was a very rainy day. 
Six guys converged at Stephan's and, defying the weather, "raised the barn"! They worked till dark putting up the trusses.
Meanwhile, here, the girls were packing their accumulations of years. Julia, Moriah's mother came along to help make her room ready for the next occupant!

We hosted two of Stephan's helpers, our dear OM friends from decades ago!  The young guys they brought from MI stayed at Stephan's and the two ice carvers from NY slept in their huge RV.

Breakfast with Dennis and Phil

The sun came out the next day and work progressed much more pleasantly.

Tuesday was also my birthday. The day before, Moriah had given me a turtle to add to my collection. It was made by one of her engineering friends with a 3D pinter. Very clever, indeed!

Kendra took me to a coffee house I'd never been to and we shared a huge brownie. 
Here I am debating whether I should go across the street and get a tattoo! Is she telling me to go ahead?

Stephan invited me to join the gang for dinner that evening to celebrate my birthday together. I marveled at the house progress as I drove in.

Stephan enjoys cooking for the guys since he cannot do as much of the work due to his fractured shoulder. It was a wonderful meal!

Early Wednesday we said goodbye to Kendra on her way to Massachusetts and later Pennsylvania. She faces exciting and overwhelming life transitions: Friday she welcomes her family from Cambodia after two years apart; Monday she begins an internship; and in the fall heads to Hollywood for her last college experience.

The four men from MI left Wednesday evening.

Thursday, the New York helpers and Stephan wore their Ice Boot Camp shirts for the farewell pic.

Somehow Stephan managed to find time to engrave this board for all to sign at the wedding. 

All day Friday and Saturday morning, he baked a dozen different cakes.

We had front row seats to this amazingly beautiful and meaningful event!

Lexi and Malachi Koch!

The beautiful couple run off into the sunset!

We did not stay to see this grand finale, so are grateful for all the lovely photos posted so far. One more collage of a few other family members present.

The groom's proud and grateful parents; best man Elijah; Uncle Stephan and his lovely wife;
usher Zion, flower girl Rebecca, ring bearer Jude; Kern family  

Can life get any more exciting?


  1. I know you'll miss your girls - I hope the next occupants are as compatible with you guys! I'm excited to see Stephen & Karen's house going up (although not as excited as they are, I'm sure). And finally, Lexi's dress is gorgeous! It looks like a lovely celebration.

    1. *Stephan - I knew I had spelled it incorrectly!

    2. No plans for other occupants at the moment. The comment referred to the guys from MI who spent a couple nights here. ;-)


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