Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Week 50: Varied forms of art

A whole week without seeing this cutie! Had to borrow a pic from Facebook again--"Tummy time."

"I'm 4 months old today!"
 I'll try to fill you in on Michael. He gets in some form of exercise almost daily, preferably cycling: indoors, on rollers; or outdoors, a bit more challenging. Little by little (poco a poco) he sees improvement--can go a little further before feeling pain and even then it is not intense like before.

He works very diligently on the bronze piece now in the polishing stage. His 'other woman' is very beautiful!

One afternoon a week, Wednesdays, he spends time making 'art' with the youth at the Red Barn. After our tap dance class, Kayla and I both had the same idea, we stopped by to see how it was going.

Stephan was away for a few days making ice art at a competition in Ithaca, New York.
His piece was very difficult to photograph. Can you see the face, two hands and the bass?

All About That Bass

Thursday was my last class so I took a quick snapshot, only one. Then I enhanced it using I am delighted with the result and amazed at how it represents the different personalities and the fun we had together. Their final exam is on Thursday. We still do not know about next semester's enrollment.

Saturday was an errand and shopping day for me. I went to a craft fair to purchase a couple gifts from the Heavy Metal lady. She takes antique silverware and makes a great variety of jewelry from parts and pieces.

Diane and I had lunch there--wonderful homemade soups and sandwiches.

Again this week, I focused each morning on the Verse of the Day, preparing my heart for Christmas.

Day 8: John 14:6--JESUS: the only Way to the Father; the Truth; the Life.

Day 9: John 15:5,8--the Vine, we are the branches, if we stay connected, we naturally bear fruit.
But if we don't, we can't do anything. So, much fruit proves that we are His followers.

Day 10: Deuteronomy 18:15--the Prophet, the one we must listen to.

Day 11: Isaiah 7:14--Immanuel (God with us) the promised son to be born of a virgin.

Day 12: Galatians 4:4-5--the promised sign was fulfilled in due time, he was born under the Law in order to redeem us from the requirements of the Law, so that we could be adopted as children of God!

Day 13: Matthew 2:4-6--King Herod heard about the prophecies from the Magi and wanted to learn more. His motives were evil. He inquired where the child was to be born so he could eliminate the threat of being replaced as ruler.

I heard an astounding fact this week. A math expert had his students do a study of the probability of all the prophecies concerning the Christ being fulfilled. The result was one in a hundred billion, Only Jesus matched up perfectly!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

2014 Week 49: Visitors and holiday music

Monday, December 1st, I intentionally began to prepare my heart for the Christmas season by reflecting on the Verse of the Day (a Bible Gateway app on my cell phone).
Day 1: John 1:1-2, 14--the Eternal One became human. He chose to live among us!

We choose to live in community with whoever shows up at our Monday night group to enjoy the friends and food. Stephan prepared a delicious curry, and always freshly baked bread.
David and Mike played a long game of chess and ran out of time. I took a picture so they can start up where they left off and finish it next time. Any advice for Mike (white)?

Day 2: Hebrews 1:1-2--the Creator Himself came to reveal God to us!
Reflecting on the Creator and the creativity within each of us made in the image of God, I came upon this photo of Stephan posted recently on facebook, taken when he taught at an ice-sculpting boot camp in Ohio a couple weeks ago.

Day 3: John 6:35--the Bread of Life promises we will not hunger if we come to Him!
I think of how often this little one has to be fed in order to be satisfied and grow. Even so we can go to Jesus continually and be filled.
I did get to see and hold this muñequita (baby doll) Wednesday but didn't have my camera or cell so no photos. I borrowed these from Fb, however, she was also wearing a dress and leggings that day, so cute!

Sleeping Beauty     Bright Eyes & Conversing with Nanna
The occasion was that Kayla restarted our tap dance class and was showing off three month-old Rebecca to the group before Nanna Leah came to take her away.

Day 4: John 8:12--He came into the world as the Light. If we follow Him we need not walk in darkness.

I am so grateful that our grandchildren have the opportunity to learn about Jesus, the Light of the World. 

More borrowed photos of the young uns and their delightful expressions
Day 5: John 10:7, 9-10--He came to give us life more abundant!

Our friends from Arkansas came Thursday and we spent three wonderful days together sharing so many stories of God's faithfulness.
Selfie: Rita & Sara
Friday morning we walked in and around the Taylor University campus and met friends at just the right times and places. Thus we got to see some beautiful hand-built ceramic pieces in one professor's office and later the biology teacher stopped to talk to us about 'her birds' as we admired the aviary.

It was like that the entire time. The Lord, our Good Shepherd led in every detail of our visit together.
Day 6: John 10:14-15--our good shepherd knows us and came to lay down His life for us!
In the evening we attended the annual Candles and Carols concert at Anderson University. The main purpose of our friends' trip was to see their son perform.

We enjoyed the beautiful music and dancing.

Jared and proud parents--Sara and Steve
Saturday was a very relaxed day: games, movies, food.

Multi-tasking our way: Hand & Foot and  Ivanhoe's food
The grand finale was the annual favorite musical program at Taylor University--Sing Noel: Christmas Around the World.

As if that was not enough, this morning's service at church was the Christmas cantata, yet another very moving presentation of the story of Jesus' birth.

Day 7: John 11:25. He came that we may have life eternal!

Truly the most beautiful story every told.

Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Week 48: Festivities

Christmas decor began to appear this weekend. So far only the "anorexic" tree was trimmed. All other ornaments and seasonal items lay strewn all around me.  I will attempt to ignore the mess and finish this blog post.

 We enjoyed authentic Chinese food at the Monday Night Meal. Nanxin brought a great variety of bags of imported items and cooked everything in a "hot pot." She kept scooping out and passing around all kinds of interesting and very tasty items: beef that looked like bacon; bamboo shoots like white carrots; clear plastic-looking sweet potato noodles; a variety of greens; tofu cubes; dough balls (actually called 'Big Gluten Balls' on the bag!); and oh, so many more. We were well satisfied after that enjoyable culinary experience. Thank you, Nanxin!

This week Mike finally finished the last pour in the long road to repair his sculpture that he has been working on for over a year.

I didn't have to teach all week. Even so time was taken up with people and festivities. . . and a small necessary surgical procedure--a BCC lesion was removed under my right eye Tuesday morning. In the evening at Malachi's 16th birthday celebration, the drooping bandaid was quite obvious.

I had fun taking pictures and talking to family and friends.

Matt & Kayla                                                                         "What's Daddy doing?"

"Nanna loves me."
Baby peers meet. Rebecca Rose is fascinated by the boy her age!

Sam and nephew Ollie                                                                                  Rebecca Rose
Wandering Wheels, a wonderful place for a birthday party and sleepover. Something for everybody: swimming pool; ping-pong, pool tables; fuss ball; even a piano the little cousins can play.

Looks like the babies and little ones took center stage, but really the celebration was about this big guy! Love you, Malachi. We are so proud of you. Hope you had lots of fun with all your friends!

Diane spent three days with us, and on Thanksgiving Day the three of us drove north to Warsaw and had a lovely dinner with Mother and brother Alan's family at my nephew's new place. Thank you, Daniel!

Friday evening we bundled up and drove south to Noblesville where we walked around the Court House square admiring all 20 of Stpehan's ice creations set up by his six-man crew.
Here are only a few of my photos. I like the little girl admiring the train.

And a favorite "Frozen" character (I haven't seen the movie yet) from ones Stephan posted on FB.

Then we watched The Ice Man himself work on a four-block Santa going down the chimney.

We didn't stay till the end so here's Stephan's photo of the final sculpture.

A fun time for all!

Diane's poses

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Week 47: Snow, cold, deer, and dear ones

Snow and bitter cold came early. 

 The mourning doves are migrating and this is one of their stops.

Hunting season in full swing. Son Stephan has been out here three times. Saturday, Karen came along and we had a delightful visit and breakfast. That's the day he got his first deer. She says she brought him luck. ;-)

I stole this photo of Rebecca from Facebook, and thought it would be my one blog pic for the week, but there were numerous opportunities later on. Couldn't pass this one up, however, because of her delightful smile and the sparkle in her eyes.

Then, this photo appeared, another 'must-include', this time mostly because of Nanna Leah's smile.

A girl after my own heart--she already likes books!

Us great grands enjoyed plenty of Rebecca-time at Zion's birthday party Saturday.

Jude ran to welcome me and led me to see the birthday cake.
Zion was very excited about everything. Even as a baby he was intense.

Well, Kristie looks a mite intense as she deals with the piñata (smile).

Actually Malachi turned 16 this week but his celebration is planned for next Tuesday.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 Week 46: Love of Theatre

I just have to begin this post with a photo of Rebecca wearing the hoodie I knit for her. It is still a little big for her, but as her Mama said, "She just had to wear it." (Was it a weather or fashion-related choice? Her own idea or her mother's?) It is snowing after all!

Matt was away this week on an out-of-state job, so Kayla joined us at Monday meal and Rebecca made the rounds admired by all and had a special bonding time with Aunt Karen and Uncle Stephan. (I think they've decided to dispense with the Great qualifier.)

Tuesday, a day to remember our veterans. . . and friend Trisha's birthday with a Mexican dinner at Mi Pueblo.

For Wednesday Mike had planned a special outing for the two of us--dinner and theatre at Beef & Boards, where we saw Fiddler on the Roof  one of our favorites. We saw it first in German  and I remember listening to the sound track over and over.
Mike also arranged for us to spend the night in Indy so we wouldn't have to drive home so late.
Look at who welcomed us at the hotel?

That same day was The Amazing Taste event at Ball State University. Stephan outdid himself again with yet another ice creation for the occasion. Hmmm. . . I wonder how many years he's been hired to do this? You may remember last year's ice sculpture. One big difference this year is that it was carved in his new shop on his own land. Stephan has worked very hard  moving his entire operation, building a large freezer, and on and on. A couple weeks ago he gladly turned in the keys to the studio he leased for over six years!

This week the window of milder temps was rapidly closing so we hasted to complete any outdoor chores. I trimmed the rose bush and brought in the last roses of summer.

I just had to include this #tbt photo that surfaced on Facebook--Kristie's kindergarten graduation. What is significant is that the little boy in the background to her left, is Sam! We are so grateful that in God's sovereign plan and in His own time and way He brought them together for a beautiful lifetime partnership.

Friday we attended yet another theatre performance--Tartuffe at Taylor University.

Only six more weeks left in 2014 and time to reflect over the year, write a year-end letter, and decide whether to continue Meemaw Moments in 2015 or change my focus to Meemaw Memories, looking back over the many years that lay untouched, archived. What do you think?