Monday, December 15, 2008

Come and See!

What there is to see
Like the bright blue tree,
Mary and Joseph in the entry way,
and on the piano, Santa's train.

Help yourself to the neighborly sweets
and gaze at the little ones we miss each year.
Most of all reach out to the Babe in the manger:
"Come into my heart, Lord Jesus."

This was a somewhat poetic attempt at an entry for the BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes, and a less than successful decorating deadline.
  • The tree has no ornaments yet. (Any ideas for toning it down?)
  • Mary and Joseph made by my wheelchair-bound friend Viola--a traditional welcome! (Her husband is with Jesus as of a month ago today.)
  • Santa's train reminds me of when consuegra (co-inlaw) Debby was staying with us and we wrapped gifts together and piled them on the steps all the way up the stairs.
  • The only treats I can offer you are those given by neighbors and friends.
  • Yearly photos of the grandkids on Santa's lap are part of traditional decor.
  • Often, as we read the Christmas story the little ones each had a nativity set to 'act' it out.

Such as it is, enjoy!


Kim said...

Don't care who made the treats, let me at 'em! :-) I'm missing the cookies Tina always made each Christmas. If it weren't so hot, I'd do some baking myself. But with the temperature reaching the mid to high 90s every day, there's no way I'm turning that oven on! Maybe Ivan can run an extension cord to the patio and I'll take the toaster oven out there to use. Hmmmm, definitely an idea :-)

Why not have the grandkids decorate the tree for you?

Really like the Mary & Joseph on the front step. One of these years I'd like to get a nativity set.

cheryl said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. We've definitely enjoyed our new Jesse Tree tradition. We're all about an assortment of advent options. ;o) We like to count down in anticipation, so I'm all about the chocolate ones too! :o)
Have a merry Christmas.

Kathy said...

Love the Mary and Joseph in front of the house! I really like to make the emphasis on Jesus for Christmas!
Would like to see you soon!!! I will be in IN for a wedding in May- we must talk!!!!

By the way.... You have been picture tagged-
Read here for directions on what to do!

Sharon said...

Will be praying for you dear sister in law.
As to the tree (I always have decorating opinions!) Lots of wide gauzy light green ribbon? (Think sapphires, aquamarine and chalcedony) Did you see Kim's swag? Blue and green is a lovely combination.