Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Going into 2009

Last day of the year
Time to look back,
reflect, regret, resolve.

a year of inner turmoil--
hard to walk away from 20 yrs.
also very difficult to part
with all the teaching materials,
still have boxes to deal with.
I poured myself into that career!

Looking back over the losses--
all things I'd grown accustomed to,
taken away against my will,
in God's sovereign purposes,
for my greater good.

The theme impressed on my heart since Christmas
in the words of a familiar hymn from childhood:

Tú dejaste tu trono (You left your throne)
y corona por mí (and crown for me)
al venir a Belén a nacer... (when you came to be born in Bethlehem...)

Jesus gave up all intentionally.
In 2009 I want to follow His example
in every area of life.

So tonight we welcome 2009
with a big event in Muncie:
robotics team drops the NYE ball!
Since Mike has been so involved,
we will all be there!


Kathy said...

Amazing how God works things out for us! I really enjoyed the hymm-
Happy New Year to you Aunt Rita!
Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year... have fun tonight as you watch the ball drop :-)