Sunday, December 21, 2008

Such a Strange Way to Save the World

This song moves me today.

And it reminds me of a Christmas some 31 years ago when Mike was Joseph in the Omro Christmas Pageant. Since then, Joseph's role in the great event has taken on new meaning. Also since then Mike has had a moustache; the beard, however, had to go.
Our dear friend Marlene was the organizer. She had the choir, a young Mary, even a donkey, but no Joseph. She threatened to come by the trailer at night and be the voice of God calling for Joseph by our window. Mike agreed before she had to resort to such tactics.
This year Marlene is celebrating her first Christmas in heaven.

That same year, we had no Christmas tree. One or two days before, a beautiful tree appeared by our door. We never did find out who left it.

By the following Christmas we had a new born son and were on the M/V Doulos, OM's missionary ship, where we served for almost five years.

Many years and stories later...we celebrate the birth of Jesus, moved once again by such love.

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