Sunday, December 14, 2008

Other Changes

Some positive:

  • Stephan's ice carving business is expanding. He has regular customers and many return orders. The Indiana Ice Studio is now in a building a couple miles from his home.
    This is the busiest time of the year. Chris, our South African house guest has been a God-send--helping with the move and with all kinds of support-type jobs while 'Chef' keeps on carving "like a madman."

  • Kristie was offered the opportunity to go to school full time. She is enjoying this new routine working on completing a B.A. in psychology.

Some neither + nor -, just different, I think:

  • I did NOT write an end-of-year family letter this year. If you know me that is one of the MOST important to-do's before Christmas, or soon thereafter. So, if you know me you are wondering what happened to me. Blogging happened!
  • Michael put up the Christmas tree and bought new lights, LED's to be precise, light emitting diods which use a fraction of electricity compared with anything else. Did I say they are BLUE!!!

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