Saturday, January 3, 2009


estreno = premiere; opening; wear for the first time.

The NYE ball dropped in Muncie was a first for the community and for the robotics team. They spent countless hours designing, programming, assembling, soldering, testing, redoing, correcting, and many more ...ings. Those who understood the inner workings were a bit nervous about how it would behave in the cold. The batteries were outfitted with hand warmers and we held our breath.

It performed beautifully displaying all the many light patterns as programmed! Good ball!
Family members present enjoyed the event!

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Lhoyt said...

Siempre me encuentro maravillado de dos cosas: La variedad de usos interesantes que tiene la electrónica, y la habilidad de Mike en idear, planificar, y ejecutar su uso. ¡Que magnífico!