Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekly Happenings

I'm still hangin' in there with this photo project!

The cat in the window keeps hangin' 'round looking in longingly. (Did someone drop her off in our woods? What shall we do?) Our master, Brutus the cat, lives a posh life indoors, but does go out often to hang out with and protect her. (Anybody want to adopt a cat, or two!?)

Another every day occurrence: the deer romping through our woods. One morning they were kind enough to pause and pose.

I so enjoy the sun gleaming through the trees.

The long-needled pine we brought back from Canada has grown so tall and beautiful.

Another regular occurrence of late: Mike throwin' a pot or two at the potter's wheel. He finds this new hobby very relaxing. Like all of his many previous pursuits, he researched and read and studied and practiced and had a few mishaps but kept at it and prevailed! He is getting quite good. The shelf is filling up and soon there will be enough pieces to warrant firing up the outdoor kiln. (Photos in future blogs)

I've shared about Monday Night Meals. The first item to appear on the table is the huge kettle of chai along with an array of colorful mugs. We all sip contentedly and chat while Chef and his assistant finish food preparation.

One unique mug conmemorates Stephan (Chef)'s first of four marathons!

This morning I discovered 2nd Cup of Coffee's Ugly Mug Contest. Do I dare enter with the following photo?


Elizabeth said...

Great pictures Aunt Rita... We actually had about a dozen deers in our back yard on Saturday morning but of course the camera was no where in site and they were gone as soon as we opened the door. Oh well... maybe next time.

Kim said...

Enjoy your country photos. I'm still adjusting to city life. So glad God gave us such a great yard because it makes it easier to be away from the farmland of Michigan.

I'm doing better. Ivan isn't so keep praying for him! I'm guessing whatever it was we ate, he had more of it.

So did you enter the Ugly Mug contest? I didn't see yours when I stopped in last night before going to bed but that was early evening your time.