Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day by Day--Misc. Pics

Mike's hanging garden

Finally something to show for the months of designing, engineering, and building!
You can see things sprouting. Will let you know more after the first harvest.

It was back to school this week. (For those who don't know, I am a bilingual specialist in three schools, soon to add another!)

The first ones I see are the little kindergartners. They are so sweet and welcoming.
First thing was a group hug!

This is supposed to be an H.

Some other groupings I see only weekly. They really look forward to this time. This week the theme was: el Día de Reyes. The 6th of January, Epiphany, is typically when LatinAmerican children receive gifts. I used a very colorful children's book to talk about this custom. They loved the story and the pictures. Surprisingly, none of their families celebrate the tradition here in the USA. The kids had never heard about it.

The state office sends us books to distribute. I chose this week as an appropriate time for regalos.

Several of my little ones are either loosing old or growing new teeth.
Isn't she adorable?

A peek into Monday Night Meal (MNM)

Son Stephan (most call him Chef) and wife Karen host a meal for any and all who show up. It is a delightful time to look forward to fun, much laughter, meaningful sharing, and great food!

This week in particular, I feel compelled to add an older cherished photo memory that happened three years ago.

Christmas of '05 we included a very special Nativity photo in our yearly letter featuring all seven young ones in various roles. On January 4th the "wise men", the three little foster grands, were removed after 16 months of being part of the family. We will never understand why the agency made that decision.

When pastor urged us to truly soar in 2009 by allowing Christ to heal memories, the first and most painful that came to mind was the loss of the little ones.
Today I read the Lord's words to Abraham when he was asked to send his son Ishmael away and couldn't bear the thought. God said, "Do not let it be displeasing in your sight..." By faith I claim that healing for all of us and believe that God, who loves the children more than we ever did, is looking after them, growing and blessing them.


Ang baylis said...

I love your pictures! My favorite is the one with no front teeth! Thank you for sharing. Keep the faith!

sara said...

Great pictures!! the kids are awesome!!!

And a great H!

Nise' said...

I love those missing tooth pictures, they are adorable.

Kim said...

So what's sprouting? We are starting to get cherry tomatoes from our plants but it will still be a while before the bigger tomatoes ripen. Something to look forward to!

Enjoyed all the photos of the kids you work with. We took our tree down on Dia de Reyes. *sigh*

I'm sorry we missed making it to one of the Monday night dinners. Maybe on furlough? Another something to look forward to! :-)

Gem said...

Hi Rita,
Thanks for visiting over at my blog. I love the hanging garden! I hope you have a very bountiful harvest! We have so many beans and peas at present, I am blanching them and putting them in the freezer. Stay warm. It's very, very hot here today!
Cheers from Australia!

Anonymous said...

Que aparato fantastico! Please tell Mike I'm very impressed.

Alvis said...

Thanks for coming by and leaving the nice compliment about my photography. I never think of myself as all that great. However, don't put yourself down. Your recording you life and that is an important reason to take pictures.