Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meemaw Days and More

I may still be recovering from two grandma-days. Is that why I had to take a nap upon arrival yesterday and slept in this morning?

Friday--visit to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis with all four nietos (grandkids) + la hija (the daughter) Leah. She was such a help, I'll never go without her!

Saturday--the robotics kickoff, a most exciting event for all the FIRST teams, when they watch the simulcast, find out about the new game, and receive their kit of parts! Then they go into cybernation, robot-mode...well, whatever it is they are doing, it is off in their own world for six weeks until they ship Robot X (no name yet) and emerge once again pale, bedraggled, brain-drained, ready to collapse. Actually it's not that bad: they enjoy every invigorating minute together, even the all-nighters towards the end.
Only the older boys went with me to watch the presentation of the new game--Lunacy! It would appear that the game gets harder every year. Warning: the participants may all end up lunatics.

You may hear from me more often as Mike is en la luna, increasingly involved in this moon project. However, I go back to work tomorrow and may have forgotten how absorbing and consuming that can be.
Meanwhile, I have today.

P.S.: Did I forget to say I took the grandboys to see uncle Stephan's new ice studio?

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