Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 21

Half of the week was gone before I realized I had forgotten to take pictures, even when I had opportunities. What's up with that? Maybe my birthday had something to do with it.
I think I made up for the lack of photos in the latter part of the week.
First, though, a couple of flower pics from last week.
Lilies of the valley are so abundant right now, my favorites.

What are these lovely little wild flowers?

So, yes, Wednesday was my birthday and I wrote a rather lengthy reflective post About Getting Older.

Thursday we met half way with dear friends we had worked with forty years ago in Germany and Austria. The agreed upon half-way point was Ivan and Kim's in Jonesville, Michigan. We had such a wonderful time all together sharing life stories and enjoying great food at The Saucy Dog.

Old Yellar and home made potato chips
Friday I drove to Warsaw to Global Auto my youngest brother's shop. He replaced the battery in my car and I went across town to Grace Village to visit with Mother and Dad.

Today, Saturday, Mother and I were given a tour of some of the available apartments at Grace Village and picked one that met her criteria and is close to a missionary friend. The next month or so we hope to have her moved in. 

Aunt Margaret and Mother
I visited my college dean who recently moved to Grace Village. She still remembers some of the horror stories of the job when she felt like the "wicked witch of the east", as she puts it. If I  live to be 94 like her I hope I can be such a lovely person. I doubt I could ever remember as much as she does.

With Miriam Uphouse Christiansen, my college dean of women

There was a fancy Mother-Daughter tea at Mother's church.

Mike spent the day at an Art Fair.



That Old Yellar dog looked yummy! The visits at Grace Village looked like so much fun. Glad you had a good week.

The Cyber Hermit said...

I like the pic of you with your college dean. It's something to have relationships like that, y'know?

And, yum, donuts :)

sara said...

Happy late birthday!!!!

Wow, your college dean does NOT look 94!!! what a beautiful smile she has!!!

I see chocolate eclairs on that plate in the last picture..yum! since I have given up sweets for a while, I totally zoomed in on that!! :)

RaD said...

I've missed some pictures the last few weeks too, so don't feel bad. It looks like a fun week. At 94 I hope I'm still in my right mine too!

Kim said...

You did better than I did! Ugh, I didn't take any photos until Saturday. Oh well.

It was fun to see a photo of Miriam Uphouse! She really hasn't changed much, has she?!

Did you make it to the yarn store in time? :) I thought about you yesterday when we walked into town... I was going to go in and see what they had, but kept too busy talking to people :) It was like a giant reunion. lol

We'll be heading to IN tomorrow for several days and look forward to seeing mom's new digs :)

BTW, am enjoying my butter bell very much!

Mimi said...

Wow the pics you did take make it look like a fun week!

Have a good one,

momma frans said...

the saucy dog looks like my kind of place!
happy belated!

McCrakensx4 said...

Hope you had a fabulous birthday! That saucy dog place looks and sounds yummy! Sounds like a fun and busy week...great pic of you and your mom and what a fun tea!

The Bug said...

I'm glad you got to spend some time with friends & family - that hot dog DOES look yummy!

Elizabeth said...

Great week! I am gld you had a good birthday...

Lovely picture of you and Grandma... and I look forward to seeing pictures of her new home when she moves into Grace Village.