Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 22

Sunday was a big family day--Kayla's final dance recital before she goes to college. She was in ten group dances and had three solos. In the middle of her self-choreographed senior solo, a sudden shrill interruption--the fire alarm! The first instant we wondered if she had switched up the music, but then she stopped and looked puzzled. We all filed out and waited for the fire department to arrive, conduct an inspection and declare all was clear. Plenty of time for some photos. Later we got to watch her special solo a second time!

Kayla and Hannah

Kayla and Center Stage director

The Koch Family
Monday, Chef had a surprise for me  at the dinner--an ice sculptured center piece.

Happy Birthday MOM
They also had a gift for both of us for our family photo wall.

It is very difficult to capture the many facets of an ice sculpture photographically. I tried twenty two times, and now I'm having a hard time choosing which ones to show you. This one is artistic looking and shows the flowers--a tulip and lilies of the valley, my favorites.

I like this one too--David examining the melting piece. The edges of the leaves and petals were beginning to poke through. Ice melts at the rate of 1/4" an hour at room temperature and becomes glossy and clear.

Tuesday, new photo, but I spent almost every minute working on a photo book for Kayla's graduation gift.

Wednesday , more rain, the theme of the week. However, that day it hailed and the tornado siren sent us downstairs where I got this photo of our new little garden covered over by moth-ball-size hail.

Thursday was Mike's birthday; he caught up with me now!
At this stage in life we do not need more things, so I spent a few hours vacuuming and detailing his car as my gift. In the evening we went out to a nice restaurant, The Mill.

Friday, more of the same, off and on rain all week! In the evening we watched the grandsons in Muncie so Sam and Kristie could go meet with friends. It was an active time. I only managed one photo.

Saturday afternoon we were back in Muncie for a graduation open house. It is that time of year.
We stopped at Sam's workshop, always a pleasure to see him and what he is up to in his neatly organized custom woodworking shop.


Mimi said...

Looks like a good week. Loved the family photos!


sara said...

yea for graduations!!! Is your granddaughter going to Ball State? I remember she had an audition there but don't remember what she decided!!

Lots of hail around the country this week for sure! At least the southern part!

love, love the ice sculptures...very cool!

The Bug said...

Looks like another busy week for you guys. LOVE the ice sculpture. And Kayla's dress - very nice.

RaD said...

Those ice sculptures are awesome!

Heard a lot about the hail and rain this week. At least everyone's been safe.

Happy Birthday to you and Mike!

McCrakensx4 said...

Been seeing lots of post containing hail this week...yuck! bummer about the fire alarm going off right in the middle of her number, but what a plus to see it twice! Nice pic of the 2 of you at dinner; hope he had a fab bday!

Rebecca Jo said...

That is the most amazing ice sculpture!!!!!! I've never seen anything like it!

That dance outfit is screaming 80's! :)

Kim said...

Lovely ice sculpture...what a special gift!
Excellent family photo too.
Enjoyed seeing all the photos, as usual :) Kayla just sparkles!